20 of the Best SEO Podcasts Every Marketer Should Listen To

Best SEO Podcasts

Worried about the loopholes in your marketing strategies? Are you unable in coming out clean on your planned SEO tactics? You need not panic anymore. In this article, you will surely find all your answers along with top 20 SEO Podcasts suggestions. Drag down and go ahead.

Firstly, cognize the denotation of SEO and its importance:

SEO is an acronym for Search Engine Optimization which provides organic search results and is usually a method for increasing the number and value of targeted traffic. SEO allows a lot of businesses to raise knowledge to drive engagement. SEO is not a one-time type of stuff. As SEO is a constantly evolving mechanism, it needs experts and SEO strategies to stay updated on every change daily. SEO developments are constant, so it takes time to realize and prepare for those adjustments to keep ahead of your rivals. The rating ability of SERPs can be increased by representing new SEO patterns.

Understand the significance of SEO Podcasts:

Podcasts are an outstanding tool for learning mostly used by marketing executives searching to bone up the recent SEO tactics. It is a platform that offers convenient ways to consume content with minimal work on the listener’s part. Several prominent specialists of SEO & digital marketing specialists are spotlighted in SEO podcasts. Their job is to provide listeners or audiences with the most up-to-date helpful hints on scoring, keywords, and other SEO similar things. Listening to such SEO-related podcasts will only make your plans update but also provide you appraisal in SEO communities. Podcasts are one of the quickest places to use basic methods to develop your company website. Their one of the biggest pros is that they are easy accessible in both online and offline mode (once you download them). Plenty of the podcasts often provide visualization techniques processed from real SEO company techniques for businesses that have helped solve either the interviewer or participant.

So, here’s the list of 20 best SEO Podcasts every marketer should listen to:

1. Google podcast

This is, undeniably, a big podcast that will make SEO experts worth paying attention to. It is also considered to be the most recommended app which is free and will help you optimize your content according to Google’s algorithm. It will encourage you to understand how choices are made and how Google search initiatives run. They are designed and handled primarily by leaders of the search interaction group.

2. The SEO Life

The SEO Life

This 40-minute-to-one-hour podcast is devoted to assisting you to deliver higher SEO outcomes by achievable tips to help you reach your traffic goals. Some of the top SEO specialists are being interviewed by Nathan Gotch, including some of the other SEO podcast leaders on this list.

3. Search Engine Nerds

This is a bi-weekly SEO podcast from the famous website, Search Engine Journal, questionnaire. The podcast aims at providing its listeners with SEO knowledge and perspectives from SEO specialists. Brent Csutoras and Loren Baker or other professionals from Search Engine Journal normally present the podcast.

4. Edge of The Web Radio

Edge of The Web Radio

Another fantastic SEO podcast presented by SEO specialist, Erin Sparks, is this podcast. He follows a podcast format interview-style where he invites influential guests to discuss various aspects of SEO and digital marketing. There are over 300 episodes of this podcast series and it is still going strong, coming up with fresh and informative topics every week.

5. Expert on the Wire

This is a digital marketing and SEO podcast directed by Dan Shure, which is transmitted every week. SEO is the primary priority of this podcast, but other subjects of digital marketing are also discussed. Influential digital marketing and SEO experts are invited by the presenter and interviewed on the recent company topics. The podcast claims to engage with every single comments, feedbacks as well as the audiences.

 6. Voice of Search

Voice of Search

Benjamin Shapiro is hosting it and he is podcasting about SEO and content marketing. He explores the methods that help to produce information and provide value from data. Specifically, he explores the influence of possessing the SERP brand name and brand.

7. MozPod

It is hard for individuals to go through countless blog articles to understand the fundamentals of SEO in today’s age of knowledge saturation. So, he established MozPod as a simple opportunity to educate SEO on the go for individuals. MozPod is the pet project of Brian Childs, the SEO master who wishes to produce convenient content.

8. Search Talk Live

Search Talk Live

Hosted by Matt Weber and Robert O’Haver. This podcast is one of the best podcasts in internet marketing. With their observations, case studies, and research, their goal is to teach you. They will send you the finest training and feedback on SEO marketing services, content marketing, and much more. This particular podcast organises live interaction on every Thursday, its episodes are free to download on many audio listening platforms like SoundCloud, iTunes and many more.

9. Search Engine Journal Show

It’s a program where all corporate leaders and officials speak to us. It’s a podcast show where all topics like SEO, PPC, services, and online marketing are spoken about. Many moderators, such as Loren Baker, Ashley Berman Hale, Amanda Jordan, talk about the potential for your business to expand and develop your future.

10. Building Online Empires

Building Online Empires

Obtain significant insight into the SEO world by getting suggestions to ensure you develop your retail store more quickly than ever. This podcast allows you to commercialize your website to scale your business in the system and boost your digital capabilities. In constructing their online business, Kelvin’s podcast has indeed supported hundreds of people to become more successful.

11. Technical SEO Podcast

It is a new and growing SEO podcast that has been hosted since 18 February 2018 by Dan Taylor and Adam Gent. It is a specialized SEO podcast concentrating on technical SEO and connectivity strategies in particular. This is unique from all SEO podcasts on this chart in that way, as most address a wide range of subjects.

12. Authority Hacker Podcast

Authority Hacker Podcast

It is one of today’s popular SEO podcasts, hosted by Gael Breton and Mike Webster, SEO specialists. It discusses concepts such as SEO, content marketing, and digital marketing, but focuses mostly on SEO subjects. The moderators adopt a communicative and relaxed style where they address SEO subjects comfortably. They also gather up and address issues raised by their listeners. To date, it has almost 200 shows and is continuing.

13. Marketing Scoop Podcast by SEMrush

Hosted by Morelli Laura. It is a frequently released podcast that offers a great deal of guidance on content creation, customer satisfaction, growing referrals, and benefiting from a Google penalty.

14. SEO 101

SEO 101

Ross Dunn and John Carcutt host this bi-weekly SEO podcast on WebmasterRadio that podcasted it first episode in 2009.FM. To strengthen their SEO, this podcast series designed to educate audiences on all they need to learn. Queries of the audiences are discussed while live shows. And, for newcomers, it is an outstanding SEO podcast.

15. The Recipe for SEO Success

This is a content marketing, Digital Marketing, and SEO podcast powered by Kate Toon. To encourage her online courses and to instruct her subscribers on the best SEO strategies, she launched this podcast focussing small businessman, freelancers and bloggers which will provide audience with a clear and easy SEO perspective.

16. Marketing Over Coffee Podcast

Marketing Over Coffee Podcast

John Wall and Christopher Penn are hosting this show. Normally, they concentrate on elevated marketing and SEO marketing services such as Artificial Intelligence, Crawl Project, etc. Simon Sinek, Seth Godwin and Ann Handley are among the most famous episodes.

17. SEOBits Podcast

Rebecca Gill, who is an SEO advisor and has over 15 years of expertise, hosts it. This is a comparatively recent SEO podcast and has only 43 episodes at present. The episodes are only 15 minutes long and include knowledge on an SEO subject with lick nuggets.

18. Marketing Speak

Marketing Speak

In order to spread SEO ideas and guidance properly, acclaimed SEO and online marketing specialist Stephan Spencer unveiled his Marketing Speak podcast. He selects all the celebrities, including writers, speakers, suppliers of instruments, opinion leaders, and professionals, for the program. Guests provide promotions or incentives to podcast subscribers often.

19. Webcology

It is operated by Dave Davies and Jim Hedger. Their talk is a very entertaining success and highlights the limitless hummable interaction of each of them. Paying attention to them leaves you feeling like taking a break with your mate for coffee.

20. Frugal SEO

Frugal SEO

Frugal SEO is a search engine optimization podcast that focuses exclusively on supporting local businesses and entrepreneurs with their SEO techniques that rely on the show, but host Nicolas Forero also addresses everything about driving targeted traffic to get more clicks so that you can build a profitable online company.


So, now you can conclude on yourself that a perfect place to discover SEO strategies from professionals and keep up with recent SEO patterns is to listen to SEO podcasts. And, the greatest feature is that, without wasting too much time and resources, you can listen to these SEO podcasts on the go. There were 20 top SEO Podcasts one can follow to enhance their marketing skills professionally. You can check them out and easily create your new skilled SEO strategy.

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