8 Ways To Reduce Long Queues In The Public Sector

Be it schools, hospitals, or banks, every public institution faces difficulties in managing the long queues and has outdated systems. These problems result in inefficient customer service and employee unproductivity which is reflected in the long waiting hours. Nowadays, the public sector has changed a lot. They not only focus on providing regular services but … Read more

8 Smart Ways to Use Technology for User Benefit

End-User experience is everything when you create an application. Without keeping user experience in mind, no application can succeed in the market. Though you are a coder, you cannot say if customers would accept an application even if it is user-friendly. Nevertheless, keeping user experience in mind helps you create a smart application. But, there … Read more

10 Tips to Create Great Tech-Friendly Icon Designs

Fundamental icon designs are not that tough once you know the skills and usefulness to implement according to every icon. This is the most fun and rewarding part where professionals can make the icons look interesting, easy, and communicative for others. The important majors are staying simple, contextually appropriate, and elegant while creating an icon. … Read more

Top 10 Ways That You Need an Applicant Tracking System Solution

The most important process in any company is hiring people. Organizations can be hindered by poor recruitment management. Therefore, it is important to streamline the recruitment management process as much as possible. The recruitment process can be very complex. Every step of the recruitment process is complex. It includes Sourcing potential candidates and interviewing them. … Read more

How AI-driven Big Data Testing Is Transforming The QA Environment

Over the last couple of years, technology has evolved significantly such that there are digital solutions for every business predicament. New solutions and innovative software applications have transformed the industry, providing answers for every business challenge that currently exists. Especially due to the current COVID-19 pandemic, several companies had to shut down or lay off … Read more

Top Data Visualization Tools for Presenting Data

Introduction In this continuously growing technological sector, it has become a necessity to know the data and get some insights about it. And data visualization is one of the best parts of getting the invisible patterns and courses in the data! What seems more appealing to you? A wonderful and detailed bar graph or a … Read more

Ten Keys to Effective YouTube Marketing

Gone are the days when businesses used to rely on traditional marketing methods like hoardings, pamphlets, posters, and others. When these methods became obsolete came the digital market, which opened new opportunities and platforms for all businesses worldwide. The digital media offered various marketing channels like Google Ads, social media, and so on. Amidst all … Read more