Best Ways to Acquire Customer Feedback Effectively to Grow Your Business

Are your customers happy? If you don’t know the answer for sure, then guessing is not the best thing to do. Collecting customer feedback can be quite tricky, as it is not always easy to know whom to ask or how to create your questions. Even if you are successful in gathering feedback from your customer, what you are supposed to do with it?

Several customers can be reluctant in filling out surveys or participating in reviews. They have busy schedules and many won’t have the time to point out your product’s flaws. Whereas, others may be skeptical about the questions you are asking and will not feel comfortable in providing honest information.

In many cases, criticism from your customers enables you to enhance services. Not only must you listen to constructive customer feedback, but you must also seek them actively. Here, we present multiple ways to obtain customer feedback effectively.

  1. Leverage Customer Feedback Software

Implement customer feedback software into your mobile apps and websites to understand what your customers think about your products and services. By asking your clients to complete quick online surveys and rate your organization, you can receive response rates up to 45 percent.

The solution extrapolates results and presents them in a simple and digestible manner. You can take a look at how your organization is performing in relation to prioritized metrics, and make necessary changes. Such customer feedback systems deliver alerts when clients are considered ‘at high risk’. Then, you can step in with multiple offers and exceptional client service in front of your unhappy customers so they don’t turn to your competitors.

  1. Online Analytics

You must keep in mind that a majority of customers do not leave any feedback on products or services they purchase. They are the clients you risk losing forever, as you will never know about their negative experiences with your company. But fortunately, there is a good way to harvest feedback from these customers that includes using online analytics. Online analytics can be done by leveraging research survey software like customer survey software.

The benefits of using customer survey software like SutiSurvey is that they enable your organization to not only gather feedback faster, but also allow them to carry out advanced analytics on the data to receive actionable insights.

Let’s say, you are using online content for delivering excellent customer service. You may be answering frequently asked questions or providing instructions on how to use your product and services. If your analytics software is showing that your customer is not spending enough time on your website to digest this information, then there is a higher chance that it is not presented in the correct way.

  1. Email Requests

Most frequently used a process to request for customer feedback is through emails. An email is sent to your customers once a service has been provided or when a product was purchased and delivered to a client. Sending emails to your client is a personal way to reach out and often it gets a candid response. However, you must make sure that their feedback will be responded at the earliest, as many clients are skeptical about how their feedback and complaints are dealt with.

You need to create an organized system for managing customer responses and send follow-up emails with your response. Make sure to include any measure taken from your end as a result of their feedback.

  1. Social Media

Today, social media has turned out to be an efficient and inexpensive way to interact with your target audience. Clients are actively participating on Twitter, Facebook, and more, and it does not cost your business anything to join in these social media platforms. Send direct messages, respond to customers’ comments, and engage with the audience to view how they feel about your organization and products.

If your team encounters any negative reviews, ensure you respond to them immediately. Active social media users expect a quick response, so it is essential that you dedicate a resource to every channel. Monitoring social buzz closely is a great way to track events and trends that can influence your business.

  1. Use the Live Chat

Do you want to know what customers think about your products and services? Use live chat to communicate with them when they are on your site.

Live chat is gaining importance and becoming a customer service tool because

  • It is affordable for you and convenient for your consumers.
  • It helps make sales- 40% of consumers made a purchase because they were able to chat with someone.
  • It helps you to figure out which problems are vital to consumers before a sale so you can address them in your marketing.
  1. Comment Box

Your consumers are continuously thinking of various ways that your business could be better. Maybe they have found something broken or a part of your site fails to give them what they need. At times they reach out to your customer support team but that only happens if the problem is too serious. For minor issues, your client will give up and walk away frustrated. Online surveys might catch this problem if you ask any related question at the right time.

When minor problems pop up quite often, consumers will start looking for better solutions. We can get clients to tell us about small things using feedback forms.

  1. Examine Recorded Sales Calls

When you have an outbound sales team, it is likely they are making numerous calls each day. These logs are very useful for training purpose as well as feedback to your product and services. They may not be your customers yet but these leads tend to provide the most direct feedback to your products since they have no vested interest. Even if the leads have not completed a trial of your product, by listening to their feedback on your presentation can aid you to overcome any difficulties that may be putting off potential clients.

Customer satisfaction is no longer only the responsibility of customer service teams, but it is a fundamental element to all teams which interact with customers. If you are not exploring ways to collect customer feedback at your organization, then it is time to do so. You will be able to generate more clients for your business and your customers will also become a part of your brand with greater lifetime value.

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