Best Web Hosting For WordPress

Best Web Hosting For WordPress

WordPress is a powerful platform for personal blogging containing full range of possibilities for as simple as possible online publications. The platform is spread on a free basis, corresponds to the up-to-date standards entirely, and has elementary settings and flat-out flexible easily tuned core.

The following article presents with a rating of the best hosting for Word Press. User experience shows that websites for WordPress based on such as below hosting work most accurately. The rating is professionals and bloggers experience-based.


Server location: Ukraine, the Netherlands, the USA, France

Services: virtual hosting, VIP hosting, earmarked servers (rent), re-selling, SSL-certificates, domain registration, site constructor.

Free trial period: 30 days

Free domain:when paying 1-2 years of hosting 1 domain in the following zones: com,, org,, net, ru, biz, info.

Bonuses: free SSL-certificate when paying 1 year of hosting according to tariff S4 or V3

Discount: 20%

Promo-code: TOP_HOSTiQ(for visitors of the rating)


Server location: the USA, the Netherlands, India

Services: virtual hosting, Forex VPS, Linux VPS, Windows VPS, SEO-hosting, hosting re-selling, domain names.

Discount: 10%

The users of the website receive a 10% discount when entering a promo-code: «tophosting»


Server location: Ukraine, France, Germany, the USA

Services: virtual hosting, VPS-hosting, earmarked servers, auto-setting CMS device, domain registration.


Server location: Ukraine

Services: virtual hosting (fast VPS for SSD with unlimited traffic starting from 3 y.e.)

Hosting (hosting for SSD with a free domain starting from 1,5y.e.)

Domains (cheap prices for domains in popular zones starting from 3 y.e.)

Earmarked servers (very cheap servers with unlimited channel starting from 20 y.e.)



Server location: Germany, Holland

Services: virtual hosting, VPS-hosting, earmarked servers, site constructor.

Promo: when paying for 3 months, another 3 months are for free!


Server location: Germany, France

Services: virtual hosting, PRO-hosting, VPS, earmarked servers, domain registration.

Goodies: freetransfer posting of a site from another hosting, domain name goes as a present.


Server location: Ukraine, Russia, Germany, the USA

Services: virtual hosting, VPS-hosting, earmarked servers, domain registration, re-selling, and SSL certificates.


Server location: Russia

Services: virtual hosting, VDS/VPS-hosting, site constructor, CMS shop, domain registration.

Free trial period: 15 days

Goodies: free transfer posting, free SEO audit, domain.


Server location: Russia

Services:work-free domain, domain shop, site constructors, CMS sites, designs-templates of sites, site and e-shop constructor, hosting and servers, rent of servers, cloud Jelastic hosting, VPS servers, site hosting.


Location: Ukraine

Services: domain board, site constructor, hosting, Windows hosting, VPS-hosting, earmarked servers, re-selling, SSL-certificates. International Corporation accredits the company on distribution of ICANN domains.


Server location:Germany, France

Services: hosting, reselling, VPS, Dedicated, domain registration.

Free trial period: 7 days


Location: Ukraine, Russia, Germany

Services: virtual hosting, VPS-hosting, earmarked servers, domain registration.


Server location: Germany, the Netherlands, the USA, Ukraine, Russia

Services: virtual hosting + domain goes as a gift.

Bonuses: unlimited packages for hard disc, traffic, number of websites, mail boxes. Domain goes as a gift.


Location: Ukraine, Russia

Services: hosting with a site constructor based on WordPress.

Discount: 10% Promo-coupon: TOPHOSTINGSUMMER”

Stability of web resource is determined by the quality of data connection specified with such parameters as smooth running, permanency and speed. The most important criteria of a hosting choice is a qualified support team, which is available 24/7. Flexible tariff policy and a possibility of services payment cost in different ways completes the range of a hosting provider advantages.

A right choice of a hosting for your website will define its work in further. MySQL и PHP are going to be enough for web-resources, which contain up to 100 pages. When architecture gets more complicated and number of pages increases, it is worth to consider a possibility of buying VPS-hosting, which guarantees a required level of a web-resource functionality.

While choosing a hosting, one should come up with current and potential requirements of the resource. For small websites, a minimal volume of hard disc and corresponding technical capacities are going to be enough. For a massive project, advanced hosting services might be required on an earmarked service and maximum of opportunities for flexible individual setting.

Simplicity of WordPress platform defines its universality and compatibility with any hosting basically. Basic requirements are MySQL (version 5.0+) version support and PHP (version 5.2.4+). In the light of the platform popularity, all the leading hosting providers are ready to suggest its users easier CMSsettings.

Shaping factors for choosing a hosting are:

    • reliability,
    • professionalism and level of correspondence to the most up-to-date requirements,
    • quality of support system
    • quality and volume of provided services
    • accessibility and variety of tariff plan
  • flawless reputation on profile market

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