Top 9 Technology Trends of 2019

Technology is the heart of the future and it covers the most important parameters in all aspects of an organization or individual’s life in the current days. New technologies offer new challenges and that increase the experience of the organization by offering strength. Here are the top 9 technologies that are high in trends of … Read more

Google Lighthouse: A Powerful Tool For SEO Audits In E-commerce

What is the ‘Google ability’ of your website? Going the other way around, how do you measure your e-Commerce website’s visibility and search engine friendliness? The sudden shifts in Google Algorithm often leave SEO professionals perplexed. However, the introduction of each algorithm tweak brings e-commerce marketers one step closer to the more accurate search results. … Read more

5 things every entrepreneur needs to know

Each time, we often hear people talk about other people, referring to them as successful entrepreneurs. These entrepreneurs over the years, have inspired and mentored a lot of other people turning them into brilliant business persons even when they had no hopes of owning their businesses some day. The big question however is, how does … Read more

7 Tips to create mobile-friendly websites

With the latest algorithm update called Mobiledeggon released, it is completely unacceptable for Google to release any website that does not follow adjusting with mobile viewing. In fact, Google now punished those websites that are not mobile-friendly, and does not let it come to the top in SERPs – which is the worst thing to … Read more