Top Programming Languages 2021 Businesses can Choose From

Saying “Technology changes at a rapid pace”, might be an understatement. The increasing sophistication in the IT industry has been facilitated by the introduction or constant evolution of programming languages.

Undoubtedly, developing software programs is the hot topic amid this pandemic stricken world. Major companies in the IT industry are looking forward to investing in software that can make our future secure for a similar situation.

In this blog, I will tell you about the top programming languages 2021 businesses can choose from.

Top Programming Languages For Enterprises In 2021.

1. JavaScript:

Top Programming Languages

Although a plethora of powerful tools and technologies hit the market every month, the fame and acceptance of JavaScript remain unchanged. The same is the case with software solutions for businesses; there is still a massive demand for JavaScript frameworks.

You must be wondering why JavaScript is so preferred by businesses? Well, here are a few reasons why JavaScript is the top priority of companies:

  • Powerful Frameworks:

JavaScript has been designed in such a way that it has a rich library of structures that have been added over time. The developers can choose the perfect fit, depending on your business requirements. What’s more? There are plenty of unique features of every JS feature, which promotes quickness, efficiency, and cost-effectiveness.

  • High-Speed Advantage:

When it comes to speed, JavaScript is exceptionally fast within the client-side browser. It is unrestricted by network calls to the backend server. Since there is server-side processing, With JavaScript, you can render animation and similar features quickly and ensure a smoother experience for the user.

  • Full-stack development:

Earlier, JavaScript was introduced as a front-end development framework. The advent of full-stack development has made it possible that now JavaScript is capable of building both front-end and backend.

  • Rich interfaces:

JavaScript frameworks allow you to create beautiful and feature-rich web/mobile app interfaces. Features like drag and drop files, slides, etc., can be easily implemented with the help of JavaScript.

  • Futuristic technology:

The best part is, JavaScript is here to stay. This programming language has evolved to a great extent as compared to its competitors, in the last two decades. It continues to grow to suit and adapt to the changing needs of IT businesses. Hence, you can quickly come up with a modern and sustainable solution in JavaScript for your business.

2. Python:


“Did you know? There are about 1 million websites currently running on Python.”

Biggies like Instagram, Google, Netflix, and IBM are popular websites using Python in their technology stack.

You must be wondering why companies are choosing Python over other pre-existing technologies?

I will answer this question with ample reasons, but before that, you must agree that every programming language has attributes that you may or may not find in any other tool of its kind.

Here are some reasons why businesses choose Python so much:

  • Perfect capacity to merge:

Python has learned a lot from other programming languages. All this is reflected in its structure. This makes it a perfect programming tool capable of integrating with many languages like Java, C, C++, etc. If you have an unknown integration risk in your project, then Python is perfect.

  • A plethora of libraries:

Python package consists of built-in open-source modules. These modules are called libraries. These libraries allow python developers to accomplish every task in their programming with the help of Python tools only.

  • Perfect choice for Artificial Intelligence:

Artificial Intelligence plays a vital role in bringing Python to the spotlight and making everyone know why Python is the best. Simply put, the popularity of Artificial Intelligence and its subset- Machine Learning, is directly related to the popularity of Python.

  • Facilitates seamless testing:

One of the main reasons why Python is so extensively used is its test-driven deployment, thus making it time and cost-effective. Prototyping and instant testing facility of Python ease the process of development by many folds.

3. PHP


When we talk about PHP, Laravel is the first thing that comes to mind. The Laravel framework is one of the most famous PHP frameworks available on the market. Helps companies reduce the complexity of creating and managing websites. Laravel provides scaling opportunities in the suburbs and makes testing your website or other business applications more comfortable than ever.

The main reasons companies love Laravel are its higher performance, its wide range of features, its improved security, and its ability to scale over time.

Here are some detailed reasons why Laravel is a star.

  • Exceptional safety:

In a world where cyberattacks are on the rise, security is increasingly prioritized by websites and applications. Keeping customer information secure is the top priority for every business, which is why choosing Laravel is an excellent option if you are concerned about data breaches. You will ensure the safety of your customers and businesses.

  • Best Performance:

For the success of any business, the user experience plays a fundamental role. With the help of several built-in plugins and tools, Laravel offers better overall performance. These plugins are generally integrated during the initial build so that they can be used by website developers and designers throughout the development process.

With the additional plugins available, you can add various functional aspects to your application that will combine to create a better experience for your web visitors. The better your user experience, the more conversions you will see.

  • Future-ready applications:

Building business applications takes time, but things change quickly. The future brings with it new technologies, different trends, and exciting web functionality. However, this can be frustrating when designing a business application. As soon as you release it, things may have already changed. The Laravel framework allows you to create applications that are ready for changes in the future. With more updates, Laravel is known to keep up with the times so that its visitors don’t face outdated practices.

  • Global customer access:

The Laravel framework can help you extend the reach of your business applications to a global market. This is because it supports multilingual development that will change with your changing audience.

If someone accesses your application or website in a Spanish-speaking country, it can be quickly and easily switched to Spanish. You need to make sure and implement this during development. This increases the user experience and increases the chances of developing a global market tenfold. In addition to multilingual development, Laravel’s framework is scalable and will change based on the device someone used to access it.

  • Great authentication:

Developing authentication for a website or application is one of the most time-consuming parts of the launch. Using the Laravel framework, developers can integrate frameworks into the Laravel solution and create a well-oiled authentication machine using simple commands.

If you prefer to create your authentication, Laravel has several resources that you can use to do so with little to no experience. When released, this will help ensure that unauthorized users or visitors do not have access to your resources.

  • Faster time to market:

When you develop an application, it takes time to test it before it is released to the market. With the Laravel framework, there is a faster time-to-market. This means your business application can be launched earlier so you can start reaping the benefits. The built-in features of Laravel help speed up development rather than slow it down.

4. Java


Java is not new to the technological arena. It is one of the oldest coding languages. It has brought with it a lot of development like programming, in general, has achieved further growth since the inception of Java. Despite all the initial challenges it faced during its early days, it remains a global leader used by any quality-minded custom software development company.

Java has usurped the biggest names in the technology market and has even gotten ahead of all its competitors. Its relevance can never be overstated, and that is why companies should adopt this new language in 2021.

The reasons are listed below:

  • Portability:

One of the essential advantages of Java for businesses is its portability. This is one of the many reasons why it is trendy. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that all software and hardware dependencies were removed. With Java, any business owner can easily leave the options open, as migration can be easily performed on any selected platform.

The software can also be easily moved to the cloud without losing anything. In essence, Java is suitable for your business because you can quickly scale your services or products and even reach a broader customer base. The Java option is particularly great for startups and other service providers. Java is one of the few coding languages ​​that perform code execution. This makes it much faster than other coding languages, making it robust and easy to use.

  • Multi-thread:

In computer programming, a thread is defined as the smallest unit used in processing. So multithreading is when Java allows these threads to run simultaneously. These threads share a single memory, but switching between them would definitely take a long time. Many web development companies can attest to the fact that these threads are independent, so an exception faced by one thread would never affect the other line.

  • Scalability:

Generally, Java ensures the scalability of applications, which makes it suitable for small businesses looking to expand their customer base for the sale of their goods and services. For this reason, we recommend that companies that want to grow their customer base and audience through the sale of goods and services adopt Java in 2021. Are you thinking about how you can take advantage of this feature for your business? Hire Java developers who have experience working with scalable products.

  • Independent platform:

A famous catchphrase developed by Sun Microsystems is Write Once Run Anywhere (WORA). It was used to explain the cross-platform capabilities that Java has. What this indicates is that if a Java program is built on a Windows platform and compiled using Bytecode, the same application could run on another platform that supports the Java Virtual Machine (JVM). What this essentially means is that the JVM is a level of generalization between hardware and code.

  • Popularity:

Since Java was released 23 years ago, it has been popular with businesses. For this reason, it has many benefits that users enjoy. Almost all web development companies have called Java the “lingua franca of programming languages”, because it is the best suitable programming language for programmers just beginning to learn.

There are always many resources that can be accessed because any problems that may arise have probably happened before. Therefore it will have been resolved. Its maturity and predictability make it easy to use and understand. This can be a great advantage in finding the perfect environment to hire Java programmers for your business.

  • Efficient:

A big reason to use Java is due to the efficiency of the language. A large percentage of programmers love using Java because of how quickly they get their results. On its own, Java increases the efficiency of programmers. There are fewer bugs in Java, which makes it better to write the code. Due to the fewer bugs in Java, that automatically reduces development time. On top of that, Java is portable and runs as fast as other native C and C ++ applications. There are no efficiency problems with Java.

What’s Your Pick?

All the above-mentioned languages may not be the latest but have been ruling the software development industry ever since their release. Therefore, based on your business’s requirements, you can pick any of these languages for your software development.

Once you choose your language, the next step is to select the right software development company in India. Your success depends on your decision of the programming language you choose. So make the right choice.

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