10+ Unique Tricks and Tips For TikTok To Inspire Your Audience

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TikTok has become one of the most popular video sharing social networks among the modern generation. The creative platform allows the users to create, edit and upload short videos between 15 to 60 seconds. TikTok has gained more and more attention from millions of people within a short period.

TikTok can be considered as both Instagram and Youtube because both of them are video and image sharing applications. Aside from making videos on TikTok, most people use TikTok just to enjoy videos from other users.

Where you’re a creator or viewer, TikTok offers different features that helps you to enhance your content creation and social presence!

This article, we’ll see some unique tricks and tips for TikTok that inspire your audience.

1. Manage Your TikTok Login

Sometimes you logged  in your TikTok account on another user’s phone and forgot to log-out. It can happen with several people and you can easily manage your TikTok account where your account is logged-in.

  • To manage TikTok login,
  • Tap Me button on the TikTok home screen.
  • Select manage my account option.
  • Click the security option.
  • You will see a list of logged in devices.
  • Click the account you want to log out and remove it from the list.

It is one of the unique tricks on TikTok, you can easily protect your TikTok.

2. Use Screen Time Management To Optimize Your Usage

When you think that you are spending more time on TikTok, you can optimize your data usage and time spent via screen time management. You have to do this, just

  • Open the TikTok app and click the settings page.
  • Select digital wellbeing option.
  • Click the screen management option.
  • Pick the screen time and activate it.
  • You can select the time limit like 10 minute/60 minute/90 minute/120 minute.

After selecting the screen time, they will ask for a password to continue the process. It will work as an alarm for you to binge watching videos on TikTok.

TikTok screen time management helps you to restrict your video watching time if you spend more than hours on TikTok.

3. Add Videos To Favorite

While watching videos on TikTok, sometimes you can think of bookmarking the videos to view it later. You can easily bookmark your videos on favorite tap, just long press on the video you want to bookmark and you’ll see the add to favorite option.

Tap add to favorite button to add videos on favorite section. You can also save different hashtags, filtered, sound effects and video effects on TikTok in the same process.

4. Change Language Of The Video

Language is one of the most interesting tricks on TikTok that will help you to make your experience more interactive. You can change the language of the content you want in the TikTok app.

To change the video language,

  • Tap the me option on the TikTok app
  • Click the vertical dots icon at the top right corner.
  • Select the language option
  • Tap on the app language
  • Select language from the list.
  • Select the desired language->click save->confirm.

Now, you can find videos relevant to the desired language you want and you can also create videos on that particular language.

5. Download Tik Tok Videos

TikTok download option is one of the unique features, which helps to watch videos in the offline mode. TikTok allows users to download the videos on their mobile device by simply tap the share icon and save the video to download on your phone option.

Otherwise, you can long press the video you want to save. You can use video downloaders for the TikTok app on your mobile device. You can download this app from the play store.

6. Private TikTok Account

Like every social media platform, you can change your public account into private. But, you can only share content with your friends. If your TikTok account is public, anyone can watch your TikTok videos.

To change TikTok private account,

  • Tap the profile icon on the right corner.
  • Click the menu icon on the upper corner.
  • Open privacy and safety option.
  • Select private account option.

Now, only the people you follow on TikTok can watch your videos. Other TikTok users can’t watch your videos.

7. Use TikTok Effects, Filters And Games

When you open TikTok’s video recording screen, you can see several options that show your videos more impressive. You can use the TikTok effects button in the bottom left corner including trending, new, memes, glasses, games and more.

From the given option, you can select various filters and effects to make your video unique and more special. The games feature a lot of options to explore your videos in the TikTok For You page.

8. Create TikTok Slideshow Videos

Create Ads With Viral Videos on TikTok

Slideshow is an excellent way to remember your memories and share that with your friends and families. TikTok is a best source of slideshow styles for you to post engaging content.

TikTok offers a variety of slides with stickers and effects if you want to show your own creativity. It will help you to obtain more fans and likes to your TikTok profile and get more engagement within a short time. When you use the TikTok slideshow option, you can upload multiple clips that help to attract a massive audience.

Here are the steps to create slideshow on TikTok:

  • Open the TikTok app and click + icon.
  • Tap templates.
  • Choose a template you like.
  • Swipe to explore the templated.
  • Choose images from the gallery.
  • Tap okay-> Next->Post-> Done.

9. Switch To TikTok Pro Account

TikTok pro account is a free in built option that can be used by any TikTok user. It can help you to access TikTok analytics and TikTok ads feature. If you want to change your TikTok account into a TikTok pro account, you can use these steps:

  • Open the TikTok app on your mobile.
  • Go to your TikTok profile page.
  • Tap privacy & settings page.
  • Select manage my account option.
  • Choose Switch to a pro account.

Now, you can select the category for your TikTok account, which will help you track the success of your TikTok profile.

10. Delete Your TikTok Videos

If you don’t like the published video on TikTok, you can delete your videos and upload new content anywhere.

To delete the TikTok video,

  1. Choose the video you want to delete.
  2. Tap the three horizontal icons on the right side of your video.
  3. Swipe the display options and tap delete from it.

You can follow the same way for the further videos you want to delete.

11. Make Engaging Lip Syncing Videos

Make Engaging Lip Syncing Videos

TikTok is more famous for lip syncing and dancing videos, and it is one of the main features of TikTok. It’s not an easy process to sync your recording videos with a song accurately. However, here are some simple ideas to make your videos correctly!

  • You should choose a song that you want to lip sync.
  • Open the TikTok app and click the + button to create a new video.
  • Go to the video recording screen.
  • Hold the red button to get started with your recording.
  • Once you’ve finished the video, you can click the confirmation button to continue the next process.

Now, you can move on to the next screen to set the time, background sound, and video effect. After finishing all these steps, your video is ready to be uploaded on TikTok. Just you can add the text and tag that your friends.

12. Invite Facebook Friends on TikTok

Like Instagram, you can find your Facebook friends on TikTok directly. Here is the simple way to invite your Facebook friends.

  • Go to your TikTok profile from the menu bar.
  • Click the add person symbol in the corner.
  • Select the find Facebook friends option.
  • Scroll down the list of friends you’ve on TikTok and pick the option to follow them.

13. Create A Duet On TikTok

TikTok duet video allows you to use another user’s video by recording your video. TikTok duet videos appear in the side-by-side format, and it is one of the viral features on this platform.

When you duet on TikTok, you have to find videos that are either yours or someone else’s videos.

  • Click the share button on the right side and tap duet.
  • Record a video by simply tapping the red record button.
  • Edit your duet by adding effects and face filters.
  • Click the next button.
  • Select your preference, like whether your video is private or public.
  • Tap post to upload your duet on TikTok.

14. Create Multiple Videos Or Images On TikTok

Want to upload multiple videos or images on TikTok? Here are the steps how to do:

  • Click the create videos option from the menu bar and find images or videos from your gallery.
  • Tap the multiple options at the bottom.
  • Select images you want to post and tap next.
  • You can add sounds via media and adjust them.
  • Click next when you finish the videos.
  • You can preview your screen and add sounds, texts, stickers, and more effects.
  • Tap next when you’re previewing and editing your video to upload to the post screen.


TikTok is one of the best platforms to enhance your content strategy and engage your audience through different videos. You can use these 14 tricks for your future videos, and you can get more audience engagement within a short time. Don’t forget to be creative and find new ways to increase your TikTok following and make a great social presence!

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