10 Ways Employee Surveys Help Attract and Retain Talent

When you have a strong business culture, you can engage all your employees to work in unity for a common goal and vision. You not only manage to attract the best workforce but also retain them. Good employees are the key elements to achieving business growth. The culture of your workspace, your administration, your ethics and your leadership, all play an important role in impacting your business and brand value.

In order to attract the best employees and retain them, you should periodically conduct employee surveys. Analysis of the workplace culture and engagement survey provides insights required to create the right company culture that attracts talented employees. These surveys when conducted by an employee survey app, employers can get honest answers from their employees. A survey will help you understand your weaker points and will provide with insights as to where you need to make changes.

  1. Clarity of Vision

An employee survey helps you ascertain whether your employees have an idea of your aims and objectives or not. According to a recent report, it was revealed that only 42% employees were aware of the company vision and goals. How do you expect to grow your business without your employees knowing the vision and objectives? By conducting a survey, you can come to know the exact scenario and educate your employees in case they are unaware of your vision.

  1. Organizational Learning

As a recruiter or an employer, you might be selecting the best employees suitable for the required designations. Previous work experience, achievements, qualification and a strong resume are some of the sectors you give importance to while hiring your employees. But the process does not end there. You can check how much your employees know and are ready to learn by conducting a survey.

  1. Motivational Levels

Employees make a company. No company can thrive single-handedly. As an employer, it is necessary to keep your employees engaged and motivated. A disinterested or unsatisfied employee is of no use to the company and he/she also hampers his personal growth. Compensations, praise and rewards are a few ways in which employees can be motivated. You can conduct a survey to understand whether your employees are happy and motivated or not. If they are motivated and happy, they will stick with you for long.

  1. Employee Engagement

Improving employee engagement enables you to make your recruitment system very efficient and impartial. It also makes your employees have more trust in you. An employee would want to get selected and continue working for your company only if she/he has the required potential. You can conduct an employee survey by an employee survey app to determine how engaged your employees actually are.

  1. Communication

It is necessary to have an honest and open communication culture in your organization. Only then will your employees feel free to address their grievances, come up with better solutions or suggestions. An employee survey helps an employer determine whether his workforce feels free to talk to their superiors or not. If they feel suffocated, they might walk out.

  1. Leadership Style

Leadership and team are two important aspects in any organization. Only when the employees feel empowered and happy with the company atmosphere, will they be able to perform better towards their goals. If you want to build a long-lasting business, you need to first build a long-lasting and healthy relationship between the leader and the team.A leader needs to build an effective and strong relationship with his team if he wants to be a successful leader and also drive the team to produce quality results. For this, even the leader can get a survey done by an employee survey app to know how his team feels about his style.

  1. Team Work

You need to find out whether your company culture encourages team work. Today, in order to attract and retain the right talent, it is important that the right teams are made and every one in a team is acknowledged and respected. If any one feels dejected, they can quit the company, leading to loss of talented workforce.

  1. Innovation

Employee surveys help you ascertain whether your employees are innovative and feel that they can contribute to the growth of your business or not. Innovation is necessary for the growth of an organization and this can be achieved by talented and motivated workforce only.

  1. Learning and Development

An employee survey software can help you determine whether your employees are eager to learn new skills and develop new understandings for the betterment of their career as well as for company growth. You can easily retain good employees according to survey reports by motivating them further.

  1. Employee Well Being

It is necessary to strike the right balance between work and personal life. Do your employees feel pressurized by your targets? A stressed workforce will not be able to deliver the desired results and they may quit. You can conduct a survey to find out if the employees feel productive, healthy and happy in the organization.

All these 10 factors can be determined by employee surveys and this way you can attract and retain the best talent for your company.

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