15+ Unbelievable Instagram Tips, Hacks & Features Everyone Should Know in 2021


Since Instagram launched, it is the most popular photo and video sharing app in the world. But now, it is considered as the marketing platform. As per the date, Instagram has more than 1 billion followers, and half of a million people use Instagram stores.

Without delay, we will start the Instagram tips, tricks, and hacks that everyone should definitely know in 2021.

1. Optimize Instagram Bio

Businesses mainly focus on sharing polished images and videos. It’s enough to enhance your brand and get more traffic to your website. So, think in-depth what’s the way to promote your brand in front of your target audience.

Yes, use Instagram bio.

Using Instagram bio that represents who you are and what’s your brand. Adding visitors to your promotions by serving a call to action is an effective way to impress your audience. Make sure that adding a great bio helps impress your viewers.

2. Add Unique Fonts in your Bio

Be unique – It’s not just a word. Maintaining an impressive Instagram bio is the major key to build your profile and stand out from the crowd.

What do you do about that? Use emojis, add links, and give a short bio for you & your brand. An extraordinary way is to add some unique and stylish fonts to your profile, which looks better.

If you want to add unique fonts for your bio section, you can use LingoJam. Open the web browser -> Enter your text on your left side -> Get results from the right side.

3. Disable Activity Status From Direct Messages

Instagram adds one more feature that is viewers to see when you are entered inside Instagram’s DM or Direct Messaging. This feature is similar to WhatsApp’s last seen feature and allows viewers to know when you were last seen.

If you want to add this feature, follow this technique:

Go to Instagram Profile -> Click options -> Show Activity Status -> Tap icon to disable it. This is a two-way feature, and if you don’t want to show your activity status and disable this option, you also won’t be able to see anyone else’s activity status.

4. Share Instagram Photos To All Social Media

Are you thinking about how to enhance your brand?

Sharing your Instagram posts on all social media such as Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, or any other social media website for that matter. With this, you can increase traffic for your website and improve your brand awareness. Instead of sharing pictures on individual websites, you can set up your Instagram account in a particular way.

What Do you think?

Yes, it’s possible. Whenever you post a picture or videos on Instagram, that’s automatically posted on all your social media accounts.

Open your account -> Click the right side at your top -> Settings -> Linked Accounts. Finally, tick all your social media accounts and share the post at the same time.

5. Add Instagram Story Highlights

One of the popular features on Instagram is “Stories.” According to the study, half of a million audiences use Instagram stories per day. But, Instagram stories will disappear after 24 hours.

To rectify this issue, Instagram introduced a new feature in 2017 which automatically archives your Instagram stories after they expire. But the more advantage by using Instagram story shows who views your profile within 24 hours when you posted. To access all your archived stories will show below on your biography.

Here are the simple steps how to do it:

Open your Instagram -> Go to Profile page -> Click on the Archive button present at the top of the page (anti-clock symbol). Now, you can add an archive of all your stories, which you can view, edit and share.

6. Save Favorite Photo Collections:

Many audiences have searched on google for “how to save Instagram photos.” You may or may not know, Instagram has the option to save or bookmark your favorite posts.

Didn’t you know how to save photos yet?

Here is a simple process without any complication:

Go to your profile -> Click the hamburger menu icon on the top corner -> You can see the saved option. If you want to add a folder to save your special post into the category: Hit the “+” icon and create a new collection. You can see the collections at any time when you are deleting them from the library.

7. Check how much time you have spent on Instagram

Most Instagrammers slept while using Instagram from the mobile, including mine. Hence, most users have a curiosity about how much time using Instagram. If you want to know that, monitor the Instagram activity. You can easily analyze your social media scrolling and screen time in the Instagram app.

Here are the ways to find your activity level:

Go to your profile -> Click the stalked lines -> Choose Your Activity -> Find them.

8. Share Links on Instagram Stories

One of the best marketing features on Instagram is “stories.” Using stories for business will help to reach out to many audiences and expand your brand awareness among the viewers.

Instagram stories allow marketers to share links inside their stories, which comes in handy if you promote products or services. One more condition to add a link to your stories is that you have over 10K followers to your account.

You can add the link by tapping on the link button after adding your story if you are one. It is an effective way to increase your brand reach and get more followers.

9. Add Rainbow Text in your Instagram Stories:

Do you want to add colorful text in your stories like a rainbow?

Instagram’s announced an interesting feature over the past couple of years. One of them is adding rainbow text on Instagram stories. It looks rainbow colors when you look at the story below. It’s refreshing to view an otherwise adding a single-colored text as every color shows up in a unique shade.

How to do it?

  • Start to add a picture and write the text (what you want to write)
  • Now, click and choose the text that you have added to your story
  • Hold one finger on any one of the colors until an incline pops up and move the cursor to the next line.

Yes, it’s a tricky way to get, but after completing that, it looks really good!

10. Enable Post notifications for Favorite Users

If you never want to miss posts from your favorite users, you have to add post notifications. It’s a more handy feature on Instagram. When you can allow post notifications for favorite users, they will get a notification on your app every time they post their photos or video.

Here are the steps to enable notifications:

Go to the user’s profile(your favorite) and click the three dots icon on the top right sidebar. Then choose the “Turn On Notification” option. Finally, you are done.

11. Hide Instagram Story from Specific Users

If you feel uncomfortable posting stories in front of all, you have a better chance to hide stories from specific users. There are two methods to hide Instagram stories.

Method 1:

Go to profile -> Click three stacked lines -> Settings -> Privacy -> story -> Click hide story from the specific users -> Tap Done (IOS) and check mark symbol (Android).

Method 2:

You can also select people to hide your Instagram story from who want to see your story.

Go to profile -> Click three dots -> Hide story from (select username)

12. Publish Stories as Post

Instagram allows an excellent option to share posts as Instagram stories, and now everyone can add stories to posts. The tricky part is that you won’t find the option in the highlight section.

How to share stories as the post:

Go to the Profile page -> Click on the hamburger menu on the right side corner -> Open “Archive” -> Select your story. Now, click on the three dots on the bottom-right corner and finally choose to share your post. That’s how you choose your stories as posts.

13. Rewind, Pause, Skip, and Fast-forward Stories

Do you know how to rewind, pause, skip and fast-forward your Instagram stories?

Watching Instagram Stories may become a big duty for you. Since most of the Instagram Stories have multiple cards, there will be times when some of them will be boring, and some of them will be so interesting that you might want to rewatch them.

In this situation, the tricks mentioned above come in really handy. It’s an effortless way to perform all these actions. Hold to pause a story, click on the left side if you have to rewind, choose on the right side to fast-forward, and swipe left to skip the entire story.

14. Allow Two-Factor Authentication on Instagram

As you want to secure your account, you need to activate two-factor authentication for all social media accounts. It will need a user to go through a second way authentication method while logging into the Instagram account or through a one-time verification code, backup code, and authentication app. In such a case of a data leak, the two-factor authentication will shield your Instagram account.

Go to profile -> Tap hamburger menu -> Settings -> Security -> select two-factor. Next, click get started and select your desired security method.

15. Manage Multiple Accounts on Instagram

Instagram also makes it really easy to manage multiple accounts. This is extremely important for users like me who have different work and personal accounts. Add accounts, tap on your name in the top left section of your profile tab and then tap on the “Add Account” button. This is also the place that you will use to switch between multiple accounts.


Instagram is the fastest developing social media in the competitive world. So, learn more about Instagram tips, hacks and features will help you to improve your business and enhance your viewer’s growth. Before starting the business on Instagram, you should know all the techniques and get a clear idea.

All the best for your success!

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