6 Mistakes in App Marketing That You Should Avoid at Any Cost!

6Mistakes in App Marketing That You Should Avoid at Any Cost!

Creating a mobile app is an awesome way to reach your customers. More than 51% of worldwide internet usage takes place through mobile devices like tablets and phones.

You have now created your mobile app and you decide to launch it. Pause. Mere launching it is not advised. Why? You are in for a competition.

There are countless apps on Android and iOS platform that vie for the spotlight. There are around 3.8 million apps on Android. Apple store contains 2.5 million apps.

So where does your app stand a chance among the whole lot? But that doesn’t mean that you lose heart. You have to plan a well-thought strategy when marketing your mobile app.

And, then there are the common mistakes that you have to avoid when marketing your mobile app. What are those? Let us find it out here.

1. No ASO (App Search Optimization)

Just like SEO, ASO is very important to get your mobile app ranked in the app store.

You should not neglect the importance of your mobile app’s title, keywords, screenshots, and descriptions. Your app name and icon should resonate well with your mobile app uses.

Give importance to the user experience (UX) through a great user interface (UI).

Keep the mobile app simple. Know that there is a difference between the desktop and mobile. Do not try to mimic desktop content on the small mobile. The users will not like if you bombard the mobile app with overpowering designs.

Make use of some great tools that are available online to see how to improve the ASO.

Promote your app on social media. Ask your friends to share it on their accounts.

Be proactive while promoting your mobile app. Use all the existing channels like Twitter, Facebook, and WhatsApp to spread the word about your mobile app. Start forums on all social media platforms so that queries can be answered.

Positive reviews and feedbacks are important. The count of downloads and the ratings are the biggest contributors to how other users judge your mobile app.

You can send push notifications or in-app promptsfor ratings and reviews once the user has downloaded and started using your mobile app. The increased reviews and ratings will help you to get more users.

2. Not considering the LTV (Lifetime Value) of Customers

Many forget to evaluate the value a user (LTV) contributes to your mobile app during the lifetime of using it.

The LTV is the Lifetime Value and the CAC is the Customer Acquisition Cost. The ratio of LTV/CAC should be definitely more than oneif the mobile app is to create value.

Lower ratio impacts the profitability of your mobile app. This is the key to decide where you need to improve and how much can you invest in acquiring users.

LTV can be increased by various means.

Offer subscriptions to users to boost the LTV. Paid installations work for those mobile apps that command a value for the services they offer.

You can offer your mobile app for free. Later you can charge users for other services that you provide like a quicker game, additional features, remove advertising and so on. This type of in-app purchase works best to ensure that the user is hooked to your mobile app.

3. Not having a Dedicated Website or Page

Where are the customers going to find information about your mobile app? Are they to wait for your response after posting their queries?

One more very useful tactic which is hardly done is to have a dedicated website to the mobile app.

If you cannot have a separate website, dedicate a page of your website to your mobile app.

Let it contain all the details. Include its features, uses, and FAQs on the website. Give them details about the updates, rewards or discount coupons.

4. Lack of Research and Analysis

There are millions of apps vying for the top slot. What is your mobile app’s USP?

Learn about how other similar apps market themselves. The users will miss out on a good app if you do not market it well. Lack of market research will prove too costly for you.

Also, do not market your mobile app to the wrong audience. This will cost you in your efforts and resources.

Advertising is one more area where research and analysis are required. There are many aspects involved in mobile marketing- Social media, emails, text messages, push notifications and many more.

Always research which type is giving you better results. It is not enough if you put your resources and efforts into marketing. Collect your marketing data and analyze it to know which campaign is more effective.

5. Promises not kept

It is simple. Do not make promises that you cannot keep.

As a pre-launch marketing plan, you may have promised that your mobile app will include a host of features. But in the end, if you fail to keep up your promises, the users will not be happy.

You may not have incorporated the features due to some technical challenges.

But understand that the users will download your app expecting the promised features. If you fail here, then expect a lot of bad reviews and ratings. This will set a bad precedent. Many others will not be encouraged to download your mobile app.

6. No Continued Engagement with Customers

After the initial hype, do not cut down your engagement with the customers.

As per statistics, customers usually delete a mobile app 6 months after downloading it. You clearly will not want this to be the case with your mobile app.

Use a promotional strategy that will encourage continued engagements. Offer promotional coupons, discounts, and rewards. Keep updating your mobile app and send notifications to users about it.

Make good use of the user’s suggestions and feedbacks. Act on it. Ensure that you are always engaged with your customers.


Indeed, a mobile app is a great way to connect with the customers and boost your brand. Creating a great mobile app is work half done. Marketing it with the right strategy is to work rightly accomplished.

Many great mobile apps falter when it comes to marketing. If you want your mobile app to see the light of the day, do not make the mobile app marketing mistakes listed above. Try to work on these aspects. Continued dedication and effort will pay good results.

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