Can Mobile Apps Uplift Education Sector and Delight Learners?

mobile apps uplift education sector

The education sector is all about teaching and learning. It has been one of the oldest professions in the world. It is by far the best service industry which creates many other professionals all around the globe.

As they say, “Teaching and education is a profession that creates all other professions and generates more employment opportunities.”

But, are there any loopholes in the traditional teaching methods? If yes, then can growing and advancing technological developments aid students to learn in a better way?

Advancements in technologies and education sector

Since more than a decade technology has influenced many industries, many business sectors and education is also no exception here. We have come really far from those old school days. Decades back students as well as tutors had to go to learning and development centers, schools and universities. This is no more an obligation now. All thanks to digital era, internet and the latest technologies.

A new bud has also joined the club called educational mobile apps. These days, considering the growing competition and fast lives, various educational mobile apps have taken centre stage. In fact, it will not be wrong to say that popularity of mobile apps have revolutionized the whole face of the educational industry.

Buzz created by educational mobile apps

The technological advancements in education sector are moving all of us toward a more globalized system through various educational mobile apps. Well, there are a number of e-learning apps available today for making the lives of students easier than ever. Some of the popular educational app downloads include Memrise, Duolingo and Udacity. More and more students prefer digital learning technologies nowadays. Even statistics conform to this fact.

According to a survey conducted by Statista, the use of digital learning technologies of college students in the U.S. is prevalent.  63% of students agreed that digital learning technology has improved their studying efficiency. They also agreed that it resulted in them being better prepared for classes. More than 50% of students said that they had more confidence in the knowledge of course materials too. Moreover, almost 46% of them experienced reduced stress levels due to exams.

educational mobile apps

The above statistics depicts that education has become better with digital learning technologies. Also, advancements have changed the education industry profoundly.  The invention of educational mobile apps has almost reduced most of the inefficiencies of the traditional education system.

The barriers of traditional education system are enlisted below:

Cost of education – commuting expenses and education loans

One of the major problems with traditional education methods is the cost. It is cost-demanding. This includes the tuition fees that are very high. Besides, all requirements pertaining to schools and educational systems like textbooks, reference materials, etc. are quite expensive. Some parents face difficulties in spending money too. Besides, the increased cost of commuting to the school/college makes it very expensive. Also, students opting for higher education find it difficult to pay huge amounts of money. Thus, students have to take loans at high-interest interests for their education programs.

Lack of flexibility – Fixed study hours and pressure on students

The biggest drawback with the old education system is that there is no flexibility. Working professionals who want to learn new things may find it hard to study in traditional universities. This is due to their rigid schedules and timings. Moreover, the authoritarian approach of teachers is also harmful to the students. Teachers who make all the decisions of the students increase the stress and pressure on them. This leaves them with no room to express themselves and increases the gap between teachers and students.

Ignorance to diverse learning needs of students

Different students have different learning needs. Unlike the present e-learning mobile apps, the traditional education system is inconvenient. It doesn’t do anything to cater to the needs of each student. Moreover, huge classrooms with many students make the process of teaching mundane too. Due to this, students absorb very little or no information in the class. They don’t feel like listening to the teachers. Sometimes lack of interest leads to them becoming passive listeners. Also, keeping up with the pace of the education providers becomes difficult for many students.

Difficulty in finding reliable private tuitions

Have you ever tried searching for the best private tutor for a subject? It is a cumbersome process involving numerous meetings with dozens of teachers. It is very difficult to find the perfect reliable teacher. In today’s world of competitive exams like IIT-JEE, NEET, SAT etc. it is imperative to find a good teacher to succeed. Do you want to compare the availability of online tutors with traditional methods? Well, it is clear that the former wins. This is because the reliability is much better on the online platforms.

All these burning issues lead to the need for more efficient technology and that’s how educational mobile apps were born.

Difficulty in finding reliable private tuitions

How mobile apps can uplift the Education sector and delight learners?

With an endless number of online courses, virtual classrooms, and private online tutors, the education sector has experienced major revolution. Further, the addition of educational mobile apps has changed the face of imparting and receiving education.

1.   Students and tutors marketplace with virtual classrooms

Today, there are many educational apps with interactive e-learning technology and innovative games. They create a sense of enthusiasm in students. Such apps connect the students with tutors for any desired subject. They not only help in fulfilling the students’ needs but also for one-to-one sessions. Virtual classrooms and interactive video lessons make learning convenient for students. Some well-known educational apps are Byju’s learning app, Embibe, Vedantu etc.

Besides, there are many advantages of these apps. There is no age limit for learning anything. Even working employees can subscribe to any course online. Also, it is a great aid for disabled children who can’t travel long to study. It is useful for eliminating social evils like gender bias too. Besides, the wide range of options to learn any subject makes it accessible for students.

2.   Better communication among students, tutors and parents

The timely feedback of assessments is an efficient way of conducting doubt-clearing sessions. This enhances communication between the tutors and students. Students can even download or watch various lessons and tutorials as per their convenience. The transparency is also increased now. This is because both students and tutors can view and discuss the scorecards with each other. Moreover, this helps in developing a good relationship among students, teachers and parents. In fact, educational android app development companies have made everyone’s lives better.

3.   Online book rental services and e-book stores

E-commerce companies like Amazon have made the availability of e-books more convenient. Sale of new as well as old books with CDs, DVDs or pen drive courses has benefited students. Besides, book rental services provided by platforms such as Thriftbooks have helped so much. They have contributed to the online collection of educational resources. How can one forget the various online digital libraries available today? It not only saves precious time but also the cost of commuting to libraries.

4.   Freelancing with online employment opportunities

Who will go for a walk-in interview to get a job when everything is possible from your mobile app? Freelancing, online tutoring and coaching have become exciting options for many people. Anyone with the required skills and mastery over their subjects can teach online now. They can upload video lectures on YouTube, Udemy or Coursera. The growing on-demand economy has created a lot of employment opportunities. It is true that on-demand tutor app development companies have remoulded everything. Through reviews and ratings, students can choose the best tutors for their subjects. It is so easy and convenient way now.

5.   Affordable online courses and free certifications

The countless number of cheap and affordable on-demand Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) with free certifications have not only attracted students but also working professionals, and anyone who wants to gain knowledge. The secure payment methods and cashless transactions via in-app payments make it better. These payment methods include CCAvenue, PayPal etc. that make transactions easy to deal with. Such on-demand apps having online courses give students a career-oriented approach towards studying. One can even learn music or any other skill through these online courses. It is not any more difficult to hone your skills and improve your curriculum vitae too.

Signing off…

Altogether, educational mobile apps have affected the educational industry and delighted learners in a tremendous way. Today, the internet and smartphones are within our reach. Students and teachers can help each other in an efficient manner. In the coming years, it will be definite that online tutoring and e-learning apps will be ruling the market. So, what do you think about this new face of the educational sector?

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