How to delete plenty of fish accounts from your mobile?

How to delete plenty of fish accounts from your mobile

The Plenty of Fish Accounts is a dating website is a Canadian online dating website which is popular in the USA, Brazil, Australia, and New Zealand. This website is available in 9 different languages. This website offers memberships and advertisements which are the core source of its revenue. The user can message the liked member, and then it offers a Meet up feature. It also allows the user to see whether a particular message is delivered or delete POF Account, or it has been read. This organization is headquartered in British Columbia in Vancouver.

It may be interesting for you to note that in the year 2010, The organization launched the mobile applications for Iphone, Android phones then gradually for Ipad and Windows Phones. This contributes to around 85% revenue for the company and membership growing higher on a weekly basis.

In year 2013 the organization revamped the website and created new features which focused on creating meaningful relationships. The user can match with people your own age.

What are Tips to Make an Interesting Profile:

  • Please choose your bait wisely your profile should consist of interesting pictures that define your overall personality. It helps you to attract like minded people who have common interests.
  • Your first impression should always be a really good one you should have a good posture you need to wear clothes that compliment your personality.
  • Whenever you click your pictures please smile. An attractive smile always creates a good impression on someone viewing your profile for the first time.
  • While choosing photos that need to be uploaded please get a third person ‘s opinion which is different and unbiased.
  • The headline of the profile is really important so use classy and catchy words that are interesting because other people do not get attracted to the profile very easily.
  • A headline of the profile should engage and intrigue the other person’s curiosity level so that he or she gets attracted instantly.
  • Lonely negative and unpleasant words bug the other person. These words are often associated with inferiority which exists in a person’s personality.
  • Make your interests section more catchy and interesting.
  • A good section for about me attracts more audience to your profile.
  • An attractive profile must depict confidence
  • The profile should be designed in such a way that they grasp another person’s attention.
  • Researchers found 70% of the profile is about what are your hobbies, activities and interests and 30 % of it is what you are looking for.
  • Be creative while creating an interesting profile.

How to delete POF Account:

Please visit the POF website now login with your account credentials, select the help tab on the top right corner, please mention the reason for deleting the account and now click on delete POF account and confirm. Once the account is deleted you can close the browser.

Log on to the fish account, with your credentials, Click on the help button on top of the screen. There will be a list of options, along the left hand side of the screen then click on remove profile. Click the link under the profile heading, “Delete POF profile”.

Please note that deleting the POF app from the mobile phone will not delete POF Account from the account it would be visible to other users. You need to delete POF account so that the account of POF gets deleted automatically.

What do you mean by hiding your account of POF?

Hiding your profile clearly means in POF you will not appear in any image results or search bars but this does not mean that your profile will not be accessible to certain members of the website. There can be plenty of reasons to delete POF Account at anytime. However this profile is visible to some users. On the other hand if this profile is deleted it will not be visible to other people. After a permanent deletion of the profile, you will not be able to reactivate it.

  • Please login into your profile. With the email id and credentials.
  • Now there is an option of my profile there is an option there called edit my profile.
  • Please click the link it reads “If you need to hide your profile from others”.
  • Now click the option of going ahead this will hide your profile
  • When you need to unhide your profile click on the link which reads “to unhide the profile please click here once you click it unhide the same.
  • Click on the option which reads delete POF account this will delete your account.
  • There is only one condition you need to have the POF account for 24 hours before you can delete POF Account.

How do I delete POF Account from Iphone:

Please login to the account, with username and password. Once you login click on remove profile once the remove profile is clicked please click on delete POF account and then confirm the same. This account will be deleted.


Merely just deleting the application from your phone will not be enough as your profile will be visible to certain users, the website offers you features like hiding and deleting the profiles and accounts. Hiding the profile will not allow you to appear in the search results of the user. However it will be available to access to some premium class users. Once you delete POF Account you will not be able to access the same again. This dating website will never leak your private and personal information. You can use attractive pictures, taglines, videos, and make your interests section more engaging and interesting to attract like minded people to your profile. You need to always ensure your safety is safe guarded. Please follow all the above strategies and tips to delete POF Account. You can also use the available chat support to assist you in deleting the profile.  

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