10 Digital Marketing Myths Which You Need To Avoid!

10 Digital Marketing Myths Which You Need To Avoid

With rapid progression of the internet, we all desireboosted digital presence. New businesses are sprouting up every day and the World Wide Web offers the most perfect medium to display your offerings, especially if you are a small business owner. What’s important is that your marketing efforts mustbe focused in the right direction.

But with so much going onit becomes really difficult to distinguish theright approach from the wrong one. To tackle this very dilemma, we have compiled a list of digital marketing myths and misconceptions that you must avoid. Doing so will also help you identify if you are missing on a certain method/strategyso you may be able to handle the situation accordingly.

  1. Tools are more productive than humans

A common digital marketing myth that needs to be debunked is introducing new tools can help you replace human interaction. Technology has advanced manifold, by leaps and bounds,and there isn’t a doubt about that. But trying to replace human intervention completely is something that could be quite deteriorating for any business. Even utilizing tools and software efficiently requires manpower; human intellect cannot be undermined in such scenarios. The best case would be to find a median between human participation and AI involvement, which would lead your marketing effort in the right direction.

  1. SEO is dying

You might have heard people saying the SEO is dying. But that isn’t actually the case. SEO is continuously evolving, and that would be the right statement. Techniques that were considered acceptable in the past might be considered as black hat activities in present times. Google algorithms are continuously evolving and the right approach is none but to evolve with them. If your SEO activities are updated accordingly, then you are definitely on the right track. In the past, simple online listings were sufficient to lift your ranking but in the current era, the quality score depends on a vast array of elements. Mobile friendliness, on-page optimization and proper keyword optimization are just a few aspects. For on-page elements, a dependable internet connection is a necessity so digging up some dependable high speed internet bundles wouldn’t be a bad call.

  1. Social Media is limited to a few industries

Social media is continuously on the rise and our lives have literally been radicalized by its spread. The common perception among people is social media presence and promotion is beneficial for specific industries only. Marketers in the modern world have nonetheless employed social media marketing for almost every niche and have proven themselves successful by doing just that. If your company is focused around technical offerings, then a strong LinkedIn profile for instance, could score you the right target audience.

  1. Only positive reviews are beneficial

Reviews are extremely important, especially for new businesses to hone their craft properly. Your reviewer base has the potential to make or break you. The general opinion regarding reviews is to keep the positive ones and delete the negative. Well in fact this approach could have quite a negative influence on visiting traffic. First of all, a mix of positive and negative reviews bears an air of authenticity that makes the audience rely on the information. Secondly, critical reviews can help you improve your offerings in key areas that you might not have identified by yourself. Lastly, it helps people make an informed decision keeping all the pros and cons in mind and such a consumer is bound to stick with you on the long-haul basis.

  1. Constantly upgrading interface is beneficial

Experts have identified constantly upgrading your website and application interface generates an aura of alienation for recurring customers, which can in turn decrease your overall sales. The right approach would be to consistently optimize the current interface working with the model you have on you. Interface changes can be a bit difficult to adapt to, especially in the beginning, therefore if a change is necessary, you must prompt your customers beforehand to avoid any inconvenience.

  1. Perfection is the way to go

Being a perfectionist does have its charms but from a practical viewpoint, it could hinder a wide array of processes. The best way to avoid spending too much time on a task is to create performance metrics. These metrics can help you evaluate your performance while determining whether a task has reached a certain acceptability level or not. In the modern world, we often come across inter-dependant tasks, which need to be completed simultaneously. If you are stuck on one task, the entire process could suffer which in turn could result in inefficiency of the entire business model.

  1. Mobile conversions do not work

You might think mobile conversions don’t actually work, but that really isn’t the case. We are living in a world where people spend majority of their online time with mobile devices. What used to be a mere research medium is now being used to make an actual purchase. Therefore, it is exceedingly important your website and related digital entities are well optimized for mobile friendliness. Take notice of the entire checkout process in the mobile interface and make sure it is free from glitches so as to promote a seamless experience for the visiting customers.

  1. Owning a website is sufficient

SEO has experienced rapid expansion in terms of its potential and pertinent activities in recent years. Having a website was considered to be sufficient on its own for a business’s digital presence. However, that scenario has changedgiven the current marketing dynamics. Your website needs help and support from a number of facilitating online elements. Your social media presence and blogs are equally important in improving your quality score so that your website might achieve better visibility in terms of search engines. Since algorithms are constantly evolving, you need to work on all the digital elements at disposal to make your websites more formidable.

  1. Digital marketing brings instant numbers

The term digital marketing is based on a wide set of marketing tools and techniques among which many require consistent effort before they bear fruit. To think your marketing efforts will instantly produce results is the wrong approach. Organic marketing for instance, is based entirely around content creation and optimization. An effort done today might take 6 months to become fruitful. Therefore, it is important to properly analyse your efforts over designated time periods. Once you get the hang of it, your analysis and predictions become more accurate to say the least. Based on that, you can allocate resources accordingly for improved efficiency.

  1. More content equals more productivity

The general judgement that more content is good content is hardly true. It’s not about how much content you have, rather it is more about the quality of that content and its optimization. Keywords are undoubtedly the bread and butter of content optimization and it is up to your content creators how well they improve keyword ranking through effective content. Focus on using the right content for the right pages so that natural keyword delivery may be accomplished.

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