List Of Best Remote Desktop Apps For Android

Best Remote Desktop Apps For Android

With the advancement of technology, smartphones and tablets are rapidly replacing the traditional computers, though the entire switch has yet not happened. This was possible because there are many such tasks that can only be done with the help of a desktop computer.

Therefore, this is the reason for which we need remotely accessing computers for performing some specific tasks. For example, you may want to collaborate with a friend through remote desktop or may have to log in to a remote server at your office. Over here some Android application can help you and you will get remote access on the desktop computer you need.

Now, let’s get to know some of the best remote access application for Android that will help you remotely work.

1.TeamViewer For Android

This application is one of the commonly used remote desktops. The best part of the TeamViewer is that it is available on all major platforms such as Mac, Android, iOS, Windows, and Linux. With this facility, the user can collaborate and share their desktop.

With the TeamViewer, you can have access to computers remotely and can help your friend, colleagues, or family member if they are having any problem with the system. Both paid and free version is available in TeamViewer. For any kind of corporate use paid version is the ideal one as you can provide remote support to your clients and even administer computers.

However, for the non-commercial, the free version of TeamViewer is the best as the usage of it is less as compared to the use of commercial purpose. Therefore, for the commercial purposes of TeamViewer, you require a license to get access to the advanced features.


The best alternative for TeamViewer is android-vnc-viewer. This application also allows you to remotely access the desktop through an Android device and can be connected to most of the VNC servers. The servers that can be connected android-vnc-viewer consists of RealVNC (Windows and Linux), x11vnc, TightVNC, and Apple Remote Desktop (MAC).

Moreover, there are other features also which can be helpful such as keyboard zoom, multiple input modes, option to configure multiple connections, and many more. However, there is a problem with android-vnc-viewers and that is it requires VNC server and there might be many users who don’t have the knowledge to set up a VNC in their desktop.

3.GPP Remote Control

If you are looking for a simple interface and an application which only provides the basic option to control your computer remotely then GPP Remote Control is what you need. The application is designed in a way only or the users who only want to access their computer to download, upload, copy, and delete files.

Furthermore, with this application, you can also monitor your child’s computer usage, keep a watch on the employees at the office, and even monitor your home through the webcam. One of the best thing about GPP is that anybody can install it on their computer as it is extremely easy to install.

4.Splashtop Remote Desktop

There is much application who instead of showing the remote desktop provides only their own interface and not only that they also suffer from lags while displaying the shared screen. The Splash Remote Desktop is one such application that has the capability to solve all these problems.

Splashtop is better than other apps because of its features as it has the ability to provide a high-resolution display, multimedia files, games, and many more. It is an appropriate app that can be used over 4G, Wi-Fi, and 3G networks and still makes use of high-quality content.

By installing the Splashtop Streamer on your computer you can easily set up a remote connection through Splashtop.

5.PocketCloud Remote RDP/VNC

This application is perfect for the business class who wants options like good connectivity, remote access, and virtualization through their computer. The PocketCloud will help you in critical tasks such as making a presentation while collaboration with friends, editing documents, and grabbing files from computers and all these by providing you remote access.

The connectivity options in PocketCloud is for both types of users novice and advanced. You have the option of connecting the PocketCloud with just minimalist setup or you can also follow the “Advanced Setup”. This application is highly useful because of its capability to adjust various useful features in only one application.

6.YouTube Remote

To get remote access you always don’t have to get into difficult configurations to get access to your computer. One of the simple application that you can apply for remote access is the YouTube Remote. This application allows Android-based tablets and smartphones to become a substitute remote for streaming YouTube videos on a computer.

It is more convenient to use an Android device as a remote than a mouse. This application is more suitable for the systems that are hooked up to an external screen such as TV through an analog cable.


The most comprehensive Android-based application used for remote access is PhoneMyPC. They have a wide range of features for connecting with your PC and perform important tasks with full security. The best part about this application is, the configuration is not required and you can immediately start accessing it with your PC.

For setting up PhoneMyPC you have to download the PC client and just follow the rules and instructions that are available on the developer’s website. Furthermore, with this application, you can control the computer’s processes, webcam, and windows.

For end-users, it is extremely useful to have remote access to their desktop with the help of mobile applications. However, there are various remote access applications which do not run smoothly and don’t even provide better access features through the internet.

Though this situation is most likely to change as the Android developers are creating more powerful remote access application. These new remote access apps for Android will become the driving force for the increase in market growth.

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