How To Build A Marvelous Mobile Payment App? 10 Features:

Mobile payment apps are enabling users to pay in less time with one tap concept. They also offer the hassle-free approach of carrying the heavy cash all the time. Day by day developers are bringing new features in the application for the sake of convenience to the user. The way mobile payment apps are making their roots strong, they could bring the world of complete bankless transaction.

Yes, the digital transaction concept is on the high sky in today’s time and for developers, it is tough to meet the competition. However, they are trying to ad-on advance features to gain their targeted customers and making their app popular in the market. It is important to integrate new features as per the marketing trend.

Mobile Payment App

What are the payment apps?

Well, payment app or you can say peer to peer payment app is an application which makes an easy electronic transaction of money. A person could easily make the transaction to a vendor, relative or friend. It is used for sending and receiving the money. These applications could be installed in any device and open the gate to make the transaction smooth.

Types of wallet apps or payment apps:

The type of payment mobile apps is divided into many categories but here we will discuss a few of them. These mobile apps are as follow according to their use.

1st type – Used for transferring funds ie sending and receiving of the payment

2nd type – Offering various types of offers with the help of OTP and SMS

3rd type – This type of e-wallet app is used to offer mobile web payments.

Why payment apps are important?

Payment mobile applications are important in today’s fast life scenario. In today’s time, mobile is the biggest weapon to connect and to make any work easy. The same approach is applicable for making the payment and transferring of the money. As these are fast and secure to transfer the money so they are almost playing a key role.

Reasons to choose digital payment apps:

  • Fast, secure and convenient
  • Easy to handle
  • Save out the precious time
  • Split the bill facility
  • Offer a chance to grab the discount and other offers.
  • No depending on the cash and eliminate the carrying of money in the pocket
  • It enables the user to make the payment regardless of the place
  • Give out a platform for a smooth transaction in business growth
  • A user could avail the discount and cashback offers
  • It reduces the paperwork giving out theenvironment
  • Making the payment of due bills on time if there is notification alert feature for the same
  • Bring out a simple payment strategy for vendors and buyers to receive or send the payment

mobile payment app

Factors to consider when developing a mobile payment app:

The mobile payment app is different from other applications in terms of security and accuracy. It is because there is a matter of the transaction. For this reason, a developer should be careful on the following features which are important to cut out a marvellous payment application. To build mobile payment app there are many factors which are important for gaining popularity in the market. Have a look below.

1. Technology:

There is the biggest role of technology when you implement a mobile payment solution. As for any payment app, security is an important factor so there must be a cloud-based technology. This enables the user to coverts their mobile into a wallet. Using a cloud-based technology makes the app flexible and therefore it is important to integrate it in the digital payment app.

A developer should follow the latest technology to make an impressive application. QR i.e. Quick Response like techniques could be added in the application to make it an excellent app. Technology is like a backbone for any application and it helps in making the operation fast with security.

2. Interactive UI and UX designs:

No doubt a good UI and UX design plays a vital role in engaging the user to the application. It makes an application a user-friendly and easy to handle with a better readability feature. Make sure that you place all options on the right place so that it is easy for a user to navigate. So never forget to consider a good design of the application in making it crucial. Curve out a good design is the first impression on the user when it downloads and installs the application.

3. GPS and navigation

In the present time, regardless of the location, any person can accept the payment. For this navigation and geo-location plays an important role because these are essential parts of the mobile payment application. The transaction is done smoothly without wasting of time. Without any accounting requirement, a person could make the payment to any other person.

4. Privacy and security:

There is a requirement of storing the user’s card information so developers must keep a security feature in their strategy. These apps should be password protected and rich in features like QR code, OTP for the proper authentication and validation. This layout an efficient payment transfer operation. The app should be capable to handle end to end transaction securely. Always remember that the security feature is the most important concept in any payment application.

5. Easy registration:

It is obvious that you require your customer to have the first interaction with your application through a good registration. The mobile app is made for saving users time therefore the registration process should also be smooth and fast. Any payment app should have the following steps to register:

  • Download and install the application
  • Signup with details like name, phone number, email or even an ID card etc
  • Confirming the registration using the OTP
  • Link to debit card or credit card and add money to use

Don’t forget that registration is the first interaction of the user with your application. So it must be crucial with a smooth flow to leave out an impression.

6. Seamless transaction:

Using the Digital payment app, there could be quick and smooth processing of the payment. All this require the linking of a debit card or a credit card to the application. The e-wallet then saves the information to bring out a smooth transaction operation for the user. Even the user could synchronize the data to use the specific app on multiple gadgets. This brings out a seamless transaction of the money regardless of time and place.

7. Transaction of money to and from a bank account

A good payment app is always rich in the feature like making the payment to any bank account. It doesn’t matter it is whether your account or anyone else. There should be a smooth transaction of money from the e-wallet to the bank. The owner should have a right to receive or send the money for personal use or a business. There should be a smooth operation of transferring the money from the e-wallet to the respective bank account. It will build a good trust on the users too.

8. Rewards and discounts:

Do you want your app to fight the competitive market and stand out in this battleground? Then you must use the rewards and discounts approach. These are a great weapon which usually sales team and marketers use to gain consumer attraction. From time to time especially in the festival seasons, app owners should introduce discount and rewards for their customers. This helps them in saving their money and you will get the long-lasting customer engagement.

9. Bill payments:

The app should be integrated with bill payment feature. This makes it most popular because users could easily make the payment without standing a queue at the bill counter. Whether it is prepaid or a post-paid scenario, the mobile app should be able to deal in both approaches. This saves users time because, in just one tap, he or she could make the respective e payment.

Therefore you must integrate your app with all basic billing system modes. To make it more convenient, there should be an integration of notification alert to remind the due payment of bills. This kind of feature helps gain the attention of users.

10. Chatbot:

A chatbot is a software that is used to interact with people over the internet. It aids customers when humans are not available for their customers. It is an advanced feature that can offer a user engagement 24/7 at a low cost. This could be like a boon when customers seek for an instant reply, therefore it could be a great customer satisfaction booster. So like this, the response time will get increase and customer will get the answers to their query without taking much time.


Mobile money payment solutions are gaining its popularity in the market and users are in search of the best payment platform in their device. So besides the basic features, the developer should think and implement new concepts to make the user interaction better. Mobile payment apps are fast and convenient so one must follow them in their regular basis. Don’t forget to share your comment below.

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