Top 10 Magento 2 Features for a better eCommerce app in 2021

As the usage of an online eCommerce store is growing at a great speed gradually. The development of eCommerce websites must also increase parallelly. More and more online selling platforms have been launched. These can fulfil all the needs and desires of the store owners and the customers.

Top 10 Magento 2 Features

Probably selecting the best platform is the main purpose before developing an eCommerce app. Everyone knows that Magneto is the best eCommerce app development platform. Magento 2 is said to be the advanced and latest version of Magento. This version has more Magento 2 features and functionalities than the previous version.

Magento has thousands of themes, plugins, and extensions that anyone can use as it is free and open-source. In addition, you can select a Magento 2 development company to develop your eCommerce app.

As Magento 2 has more advanced and latest features, these are the main reasons why existing Magento 1 online store owners are looking forward to Magento 1 to Magento 2 migration services.

Pros of using Magento 2

  • Free to download and install because of the open-source nature
  • High customizability
  • Fast page loading time
  • A plethora of payment gateway integration, app, and add-on options
  • Active global user activity
  • Impressive security capabilities
  • Super scalability and large capacity

Cons of using Magento 2

  • A steep learning curve, high-tech skills needed
  • Limited support unless you are using Magento commerce
  • Extensions can be costly
  • Not geared for small business

Features of Magento 2

  • User-friendly approach
  • It is all in the touch
  • Improved product section
  • A streamlined approach to common admin tasks
  • Improved checkout
  • Magento marketplace
  • Framework improvements
  • Customer segmentation and personalization
  • Elasticsearch
  • Mobile-friendly design
  • Drag and drop page creator
  1. User-friendly approach

An essential change is that Magento 2 has gained a whole new admin panel. It now consists of a thoughtful design, which has simple navigation tools. It seems like a completely different system.

The developers who have used Magento 1 for the past few years will have difficulty coping with the Magento 2 version; it will be wise to add new developers to your team. You have good knowledge of Magento 2. Admins can also easily customize or modify the panel so essential business information can be accessed. This means that each panel can be customized individually; this helps improve the productivity of managing products, orders, and customer data.

New admin security

Only one person can log in to the admin account per user. If users try to log in to one admin account, then other users will be logged out. It maynot be very pleasant for some people, but it is the best way to enhance security. If you are working on a website, you will know if someone else is trying to access your account through your username or password. This is the best way to stay protected from hackers.

  1. It is all in the touch.

The only reason for a new interface is to help decrease the time consumed in managing an online store. With drag-and-drop layout editing, an online store can be designed in just a few minutes.

The store development doesn’t just stop here. The backend department dashboard is aware and has user-friendly navigation. This means that user can access their online store through a tablet also. The menu and links have been designed to spread out to reach every button to be clicked easily.

Retailers can also manage their orders while moving around their offices. With the users who are accessible to run their store on any devices, updating products and monitoring orders can be done easily through clicks.

  1. Improved product section

To maintain and fulfill customer’s expectations, let us have a look at the new products section. A client’s main interest is in the product that they have come for. Therefore, to reach their needs and wants, changes have to be made in the product section.

New features

  • Product variations can now be changed using a wizard, manually, or by adding or removing attributes.
  • New options for user notifications
  • Users can also add data

You can get an expanded set of options for each feature. In some cases, it can save admin time when they are editing an online store. Instead of having individually developed simple products to associate with a parent configurable, developing your product has been transferred into a streamlined experience.

  1. A streamlined approach to common admin tasks

Streamlining many of the common tasks of admin has helped increase the speed and has simplified the workflow.

Product and attribute configuration

Users can easily configure products within the new product page without first developing the basic products individually. In addition, attribute creation has been integrated into the steps to help make workflow more efficient when creating products.

  1. Improved checkout

In the front-end part, the biggest change you will see is the major difference in the checkout flow. The users experience less complicated checkout processes because Magento has removed some steps in the checkout process. For example, the page will automatically fill out your card type, thus saving your time to do it manually. Customers won’t even get confused as the order success page has been cleared up.

After purchasing products is done, the customers are inspired to create an account in the store. When some of the customers can’t create an account, they doubt whether their order is successful or not.

  1. Magento marketplace

Third-party extensions are the major part of most of the Magento sites. They are great for adding functionalities that the shop owners will need to enhance and expand their website. Unfortunately, extensions are known to cause many troubles with various parts of the site. This requires developers or store owners to update or debug the poorly developed add-ons.

  1. Framework improvements

Magento has very carefully added the new platform, according to the recommendations of the community. As a result, the Magento 2 framework is based on reliable technologies with the following essential requirements.

  • Major code refactoring takes place to get rid of all the confusion in the system
  • Major data grid enhancement
  • Users can easily enable or disable the modules for the Magento application
  1. Customer segmentation and personalization

Creating a personalized shopping experience for every customer who will visit your website can admire your conversion rate.

With the help of Magento 2, you can productively display content, promotions, and pricing to particular customers based on different properties:

  • Location
  • Gender
  • Order history
  • Lifetime purchase value
  • Wishlist items
  1. Elasticsearch

Elasticsearch will give you tips for misspellings, support for stop words, and attribute weighting and also provides synonyms management to improve relevancy and conversions.

It can handle large-scale catalogs and easily scale search capacity as queries grow with elastic search technology.

  1. Drag and drop page creator

For developing an amazing product page in a few minutes, you can use this method. By using this method, you need to drag and drop the content on the website. This is the simplest way to develop a website.


These marvellous and amazing Magento 2 features make it unique and different from other eCommerce app development platforms. In addition, you can hire a Magento web development company to develop your website based on Magento 2.

In this blog, you will see the pros and cons of using Magento 2 and the better features for developing your eCommerce app.

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