Top 10 Online B2b Portals in World In 2021

Online businesses have taken over the markets and have opened doors for enormous opportunities to people; the people include both traders and buyers. Nonetheless, B2B businesses have made the most of the opportunities and have created a sustainable trade system for the world.

B2B portals and marketplaces have led a way for businesses of each scale either small, medium, or large to come up and do desirable trade with the most suitable clients. The B2B portals have overcome all the boundaries and limitations to trade in specific areas, today you can connect to a business without any limitation of regions or boundaries.

Even though the world has been hit hard with the pandemic and post-pandemic effects, the B2B portals still managed to do convenient trade as much as they could and kept in mind all the policies to follow in the pandemic. To have an understanding of the marketplaces and to trade easily, here are the top 10 online B2B portals in world in 2021.

  1. com: Global Trade Starts Here
  2. com for All the Business Needs
  3. EWorldTrade as the Ultimate Products Provider
  4. com to Trade Internationally
  5. Connecting Chinese Suppliers to the World
  6. com the Best Affordable B2B Portal
  7. com for Global Outreach
  8. EC21 for Global Marketing and Consulting
  9. com the Best Indian B2B Portal
  10. com Reasonable B2B E-commerce Platform

1. Global Trade Starts Here is the largest B2B platform in the world. They promote global trade and supply products around the globe. The portal has a huge customer base; the user-base is of 755 million customers to date. This B2B marketplace was initiated with the sole aim of trade and global business in 1999.

The portal operates in more than 200 countries of the world covering almost all the regions and markets around the globe. The portal has earned revenues of 509,711 billion yuan or 509.7 billion USD, this is the highest of all the B2B marketplaces of the world and therefore, the business is supposed to reach number one in 2021.

2. for All the Business Needs for All the Business Needs is a well-known source for B2B and B2C trade around the globe. This platform has a huge user-base and is a reliable source of products for millions. Its name claims that this B2B portal has everything covered from A to Z.

You will find all the products at reasonable pricing. The business initially started as a bookselling company in 1995 and further expanded into this new market.

3. EWorldTrade as the Ultimate Products Provider

EWorldTrade as the Ultimate Products Provider

EWorldTrade is an emerging B2B platform that has come a long way in the time of 10 years only. The business caters to more than 500,000 active users and has a database of buyers, suppliers, manufacturers, and intermediaries from around the world.

The platform is designed to provide feasible trade options with safety, timeliness, and authenticity. This is a US-based business but its main operations function from Pakistan.

4. to Trade Internationally to Trade Internationally is yet another huge name in the list of top B2B portals of the world. The portal isspread over 240 countries of the world and does equally fine in each region. It has a whopping 1.5 million user-base.

You can connect to thousands of manufacturers, buyers, exporters, importers, etc. This marketplace holds the top 94 retailers from the list of top 100 retailers of the world under its umbrella.

5. Connecting Chinese Suppliers to the World is a Chinese initiated B2B portal that provides the buyers from all over the world with products from Chinese suppliers only. The Trade is open to the world and the platform has millions of users on it.

The marketplace offers a variety of products in thousands of categories; this portal is on the way to become the largest Chinese business like Alibaba. To facilitate the users, they offer services in multiple languages.

6. the Best Affordable B2B Portal

Best Affordable B2B Portal is yet another huge B2B portal that caters to four million users worldwide. The business is spread in over 230 countries in the world. It mainly deals in wholesale and bulk products supplies to the buyers.

You will find thousands of relatable buyers, sellers, and manufacturers selling the best authentic products. The business was initiated in 2004 and is leading the way towards successful trade.

7. for Global Outreach for Global Outreach is also an emerging B2B portal where trade is done comfortably and with the utmost ease. The portal holds a strong user-base of almost 700,000 active members. The business has millions of products in thousands of categories.

The portal has thousands of suppliers, manufacturers, and dealers who provide ultimate quality and authentic products. The pricing they offer is also affordable for businesses to do feasible trade with the world.

8. for Global Marketing and Consulting is one of the top B2B portals that facilitates small and medium scale manufacturing businesses. It has all the solutions for you to collaborate with the required sellers or buyers for your business. It offers authenticity, quality, and reliability of the products traded from all sources. They have the best customer care system where you can connect to an experienced professional 24/7.

9. the Best Indian B2B Portal

Best Indian B2B Portal is also one of the leading B2B portals that have more than a million active users from around the world. Along with Alibaba, this is the largest source of B2B operations for the locals. It is the largest online Indian B2B portal. They have a strong clientele including the corporate sector as well.

10. Reasonable B2B E-commerce Platform being one of the finest B2B portals in the world holds a clientele of millions of users. It has a reach to global buyers and it abides by all the product needs of the buyers timely. You can easily get the best products at reasonable pricing.

Can these platforms help me in my home-based business?

Yes, all of these platforms deal with Business-to-Business activities, it does not matter what type or what scale of business you have, and you can get the best deals from these portals.

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