Top 7 WordPress Plugins for Website Development

Wordpress Plugins

A website needs to be developed with complete security, in such a manner that it can drive traffic from every possible source. It is highly dependent upon the skill of the developer and his expertise in a particular field. This is where one requires, basic as well as advanced knowledge about the use of WordPress Plugins. Being a look-alike of a category of software, Plugins add better functionality to a website.

Plugins offer direct advantages as well as disadvantages to one’s website. Usage of these is hence considered to be done with great care and research on its technicalities. A website is going to give a digital image to the clients and readers which requires to ensure that they are displayed at the best quality attractively. Being a robust tool, that adds technical functionalities to the website, every developer should handle and apply these to the optimum.

1. Yoast SEO:

Yoast SEO

They are Netherlands based, most popular and commonly used plugin used by website developers due to its enhancing and quality features. Their website itself is designed in a really attractive manner that attracts the audience and gives an impression of the works. As the name suggests, with the use of this particular Plugin, a guaranteed Search engine Optimisation is assured, which every website developer or the owner looks forward for. Major features include:

  • Content interpretation is enhanced with help of error corrections and tips.
  • Optimum use of keywords and meta descriptions to achieve larger reach and goals.

Like most of the providers, even they have free versions as well as paid ones. Driving numerous traffic being the basic aim of every other website existing on the internet, usage of this plugin would serve the purpose and ensure retention and continued visits. Finally, they also offer a preview of the designed upcoming page on the search engine, which indeed is a demo for the creators and is hence used by most of the lead generation companies. They have managed to reach the first among the list though there exists a large number of competitors, majorly due to the high-end integrity.

2. Debug Bar:

Debug Bar

As the name suggests, these plugins specialize in debugging the content and components and ensure accuracy. Since debugging would take place often, it would help in user interaction and experience. Apart from the function of debugging, these also help in tracking the activities happening to your site, on the global platform, which is highly significant for performing detailed data analytics.


  • Clearing cache and debugging
  • Work on queries
  • Provides quality and clarity

Clearing of unwanted cache and troubleshooting makes the worksite crystal clear for operations and display. In comparison to the rest of the plugins, the Debug bar has a technical backend and would require expertise to handle the same professionally. They have a reasonable rating by users, which is a sign of the benefits offered.

3. UpDraftPlus:


Having 3 million-plus users, among which include the widely used Amazon and DropBox are the best instances for the premium quality offered, with an outstanding rating of 96% overall. UpDraftPlus is an easy to use and highly secured plugin, the use of which would ensure the best results in a hassle-free method. It reduces user complexity in terms of making available easy and often backups, which ensure high-end security during times of unprecedented faults that form a part of every digital platform.

Major features include:

  • Migration in a tireless form
  • Multiple Network Compatibility
  • WordPress backup and restore function

All the above-mentioned features make it a must-have plugin of the era. They also offer pricing and premium packs using the personal, business, agency, and enterprise packages. Although there have been previous vulnerabilities in older versions, the present edition is mostly safe and would be enhanced in the future updates.

4. ThemeCheck:


Nobody would stay out-dated in this technologically skyrocketing period, right? So, ThemeCheck is such a plugin, which would meet the needs of staying updated in this dynamic environment where themes are being updated and uploaded. A generic theme review would be enabled on using this particular plugin, whereby developers can gain insight updates of the typical as well as advanced up gradations taking place.

Features include:

  • Easy theme installation and evaluation
  • Better navigation for theme check
  • Supports standard functions of the system

5. Optimole:


As a developer, one would always target at adding the most creative and attractive images and clips to one’s site. But most often, the consequences of uploading such high volume data products are neglected. So, as users, haven’t you come across websites that take a lot of time to load? Yes, we have and we end up at simply closing the window right? What is the point then, on gaining such vague traffic?

Optimole offers a perfect solution to web developers for such volume related issues. With the help of Optimole, it is easier to optimize the size of your website’s graphics and ensure its presence in a better reader-friendly manner. These have a significant role, to sites that offer e-commerce or online shopping facilities. One you opt for this particular plugin, automation is ensured, wherein device friendly optimization is done. On the other hand, the speeding up of your website is complementary to Optimole. Though they have such basic necessary features, a user of Optimole is less as it is yet to gain popularity, but the ratings provided are pretty good reflecting the performance.

6. Revive Old Post:

Revive Old Post

When it comes to the word Post itself social media is the network that pop-ups in every individual’s mind. Yes, so this plugin targets at facilitating and driving traffic through social media platforms such as Youtube and Instagram. Rich in ratings, these too have not gained much popularity, which is clear from the fewer install numbers. But definitely, the user experience is of good quality, which is evident from the quality rating of 80%.

The major features include :

ü Scheduling social media publications

ü Driving traffic by linking hashtags and trending keys over social media.

These indeed provide a ratio on how much traffic is driven through ads in social media platforms and how one can achieve better traffic rates as well as conversions like email marketing companies. Also, they offer paid and free versions with trials. Revive Old Post has achieved the No.1 Social media/Twitter scheduling tool having multiple share options and variations for use.

7. Elementor:


Elementor plugin is widely used and has the best rating with 96%, and above 5 million users, which shows its positioning among the rest and hence belonging to the must-have plugin category. Also, Elementor can be easily used by fresher developers, without in-depth knowledge in the field. It is the most developer-friendly plugin that facilitates the creation of websites in the simplest and creative technique to bring into life a CRM strategy.

Every developer wishes to develop a website in such a manner that it stands out among the rest right? Elementor is the best choice for the choosy category of people who wish to have a completely tailor-made and customized website.

Major characteristics include:

  • Attractive collection of templates which can be availed and used as per requirements.
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Drag and drop approach

They have a completely free offer for basic designers, while there are high-end features for premium packages namely Personal, Expert, and with varying rates.


Website development is a creative aspect for every website owner as mentioned throughout the article. There are numerous plugins available for usage, to enhance the quality and enhance a website of which the Top 7 areas mentioned above. As a coin always has two sides, so does every element, which applies to our scenario as well. The simple implication is about the certain disadvantages and precautions that a website developer should take before embedding these plugins. Regular installment of updates is very necessary to ensure less leakage of the packed data, complying with the regulations as per the host is mandatory and to mention about the topmost necessity is nothing but to have structured backups of the site storage. Hence, these providers can be used in an optimum by developers to build error-free, user interactive, SEO friendly websites, by keeping in mind the minute loopholes that can result in drastic and hazardous harms to a website.

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