Top 6 Brands on Instagram to take Inspiration from

Previously Instagram was a photo sharing platform only. People would just randomly put up cute photos of their dogs, couple goals, day out with friends and such. Though the platform still remains a major photo-sharing platform, it is right now a very strong marketing tool.

For many companies, Instagram is not only a platform where they can consolidate, but it provides the best place to engage with their customers and have a discussion about almost anything. From clothing to concerts, to major fashion brands 25 million+ business profiles are on Instagram. So if your company is not using Instagram, you might be missing out on the opportunity to build brand trust and rapport with your customers. While these are some interesting thing you can do on Instagram to enhance your business, the e-commerce feature of the app helps companies sell their goods directly to the customers.

Unlike most other marketing platforms, Instagram is mostly image based. In that light, it becomes mandatory to have a constant eye-catching feed which can immediately attract the customers to your brand.

However, getting into something as challenging like this, will require some sort of preparation and knowledge, thus let’s look into the top brands on Instagram who are doing it big, and take inspiration  from their work:



This American digital media company has more than 160,000 followers on Instagram! With such a massive follower base, this leader in craft, DIY classes and other creative things have been successful in launching a great position. Their feed is as attractive as it gets, and includes images, hand-written notes, and quirky quotes.

The company has a spread out color palette. They naturally plan their posts way in advance so as to ensure that no two images are the same. This kind of thing is very easy to do on Canva since the free tools have a wide range of color options and backgrounds.

If you wish to make a quirky feed similar to Brit.Co all you need to do is choose a block of color, add multiple quirky images and writing to it. However, make it a point to use striking colors so that the content is readable.



This is a US-based supplement company focused on one particular mission, Complete Human Optimization. In that light, they make use of their Instagram account to provide value to their customers by sharing informative posts and videos. Thus they are not just focused on the aesthetic value of the brand, but go further to provide the best possible information which can be used by the clients.

The primary attraction and foundation of their Instagram post is the tiles that they use to share health-based, fitness related and mindset quotes with the aim to introduce their own product.

You can use the same idea for your company too. You can create instagram posts of this kind very easily. All you need to do is use high-quality images, then add motivation, fitness and mindset quotes to that to make the image attractive.



This is a very popular American brand dealing in women clothes. With just the help of curated images and a well managed Instagram feed, the company has been able to attract and formulate a huge fan base, and that too without having any website!

The Instagram feed of their account is flooding with cute and quirky images, but what remains constant throughout these images is the use of a soft tone, almost Polaroid filter!

While making this sort of images for your own brand, make use of the temperature heightener to enhance the saturation of each image. The idea is to keep the images somewhat “warm”.



This Coffee and Supplement brand has made use of simple and effective tools to make their feed so elegant and attractive. The three primary things that one can notice in their Instagram feed is simple visuals in the form of images, a minimalistic yet striking color theme, and uniform quote tiles which distribute the feed in parts.

Just by looking at the feed you can kind of figure out the kind of quotes and color scheme they have selected. To make such images and posts for yourself, you just need to select a solid color background, add a bold text font to it and you are set. The primary idea of making such posts is to make the feed vibrant and attractive, thus it’s advisable to use bright catchy colors.



We are sure you have heard about this large French beauty company dealing in cosmetics? No? Then do check out their Instagram handle! Sephora is one of the largest beauty chains in the world selling makeup, skincare and haircare products.

For their Instagram feed, the company aims to make a creative product placement and highlights the glam factor in the image.  The brand features its products in a very unique way which attracts the audience towards their brand. Additionally, the personality of each image is an add on!

If you are a product based business, especially dealing in accessories and fashion labels, you can get many ideas from Sephora. Begin by taking multiple pictures of the product against quirky, fun, and colorful background. Mix the final image using a block of 9 which will help you get a variety of colors. Add in a quoted title and you are set to enthrall your customers.



Kate Spade, New York is a famous international retailer of luxury and attractive bags, clothes, accessories, and jewelry for women. In keeping with the tone of their business, the company has kept its Instagram feed feminine, fun and playful. Since colors play a very important role in images, they have incorporated that factor too. The basic or staple color that one can see dominating their site is the color Pink! In addition to that, the company uses shades of blue and green as complimentary colors.

Making such an Instagram post is quite simple. All you need to do is select a bold or solid colored backdrop and choose a quirky font to write the captions. However, the font must be both stylish and legible.  Since the idea is to maintain uniformity in all the pictures, keep the same color shade and font style every time you post something on your Instagram feed!

Keep it classy and attractive on Instagram. After all, it’s the “in thing”.

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