Top lead generation tactics for your social media marketing

Top lead generation tactics for your social media marketing

There are a number of factors that determine the success of your organization. A crucial one of them is your ability to generate promising leads. And when it comes to quality lead generation, nothing works like a well-thought social media marketing strategy.

Today, most of the major companies are leveraging the power of social media to find potential clients and customers. From hiring quality content developers to social media influencers, organizations, no matter how big or small, are stopping at nothing to engage their target audience. And why shouldn’t they? Social media marketing helps create a pipeline of interested and loyal buyers who can serve their business for years to come. So, if you are considering establishing a social media marketing plan, here are some key tactics that can help you generate a number of promising leads:

1. Pick a platform that works for you:

Ever since social media became a thing, a number of platforms have emerged in the industry. Some of the most prominent ones are Youtube, Whatsapp, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, and LinkedIn. The best part about these platforms is that all of them serve a different purpose. For example, Facebook helps connect people from almost all walks of life. LinkedIn, on the other hand, helps connect people from the same line of work or business. Apart from that, different platforms have different levels of popularity among different age groups. For instance, Snapchat and Instagram are popular among a very young generation of users. In order to get the most out of your social media marketing, you need to make a choice about which platform helps you reach your target audience and serves you the best. People usually use LinkedIn for B2B marketing and Facebook for B2C marketing. But what works for others may not work for you. So, start with identifying your target audience and finding out social media platforms they can be reached on.

2. Build a network you can rely on:

Building a strong network of clients and customers is the key to growing your business. Cultivating good and lasting relationships with industry leaders and prospective buyers not helps you sell your products and services but also creates a good reputation for your company. This repute is what leads to brand loyalty and adds more individuals to your pipeline of potential buys. This is why you need a strong network of partners, clients, and customers. And when it comes to networking, nothing works like social media as it is an interconnected virtual space where a majority of the global population hangs out. So, following and connecting with like-minded people on Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter goes a long way toward building a powerful network. Also, you can participate in many expert forums or communities on platforms like Reddit.

3. Run social media contests:

For effective marketing on social media channels, there is an absolute need for engaging your audience. Over the years, social media contests have been found very helpful in bringing in that engagement. Many brands use this tactic in the form of giveaways where prospects are required to give their contact information in order to enter the giveaway or a similar contest. To expand their reach and generate high-quality leads using such contests, one must make sure that they target their audience with paid promotions. Also, it is pivotal to carefully analyze the interest of your target audience to ensure that your contests/giveaways offer them exactly what they are looking for. For instance, if you are targetting an audience of sales professionals, you could offer them free admissions or tickets to sought-after seminars in the industry.

4. Post intriguing and shareable content:

The phrase “content is king” is pretty well-known today. But few people or brands take this phrase seriously. The best part about social media is that it is a place where intriguing content or ideas spread like wildfire. So, if you create and post content that is intriguing, the chances are good that it will be shared by your audience. It not only helps you create an impact but also expand your reach across social media platforms. Thus, with well-defined objective and content, you can tap into a territory of potential leads.

5. Harness the power of CTAs:

Using CTAs or Call-To-Actions is a great way to solicit your loyal audience into doing or promoting something integral to brand. Creating and posting content that is followed by compelling CTAs never fails to engage a good audience. It only does good to the reputation of your social media page or profile. So, it is important to frequently call your audience to actions like sharing your products or services with their family and friends. But make sure that the audience also gets something in return, for example, free rewards points or a  trial of your products or services.

6. Optimize your content for long tail keywords:

Gone are the days when a social media strategy was enough with any SEO. Now, in order to reach your niche audience or prospects, the content you post on social media outlets needs to be optimized for search engines. In fact, all social media platforms today have their own search bars which show relevant results for targetted keywords. Further, these keywords are getting longer by day, thanks to the increasing usage of voice-searches on smartphones. That’s right. Instead of simply typing “top gift shops,” users tend to voice-search for “show top gift shops near me” or something similar. Therefore, it is a good idea to optimize your content for such long-tail keywords. The most important aspect of creating content for targetted keywords is that it filters out the leads that are most unlikely to be converted.


The six tactics discussed above have worked well for many businesses. However, to get the most out of your efforts, it is recommended that you take an experimenting approach towards your lead generation strategy. Start with these tactics and keep revising your methods over time. For this type of approach, it is crucial that are constantly monitoring and measuring your efforts and the results derived from them. Over the years, this approach will not only help you acquire quality leads but also save tons of money and time.


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