Top Ten Effective B2B Lead Generation Strategies

B2B Lead Generation Strategies

One of the key aspects to keep track of the ROI of the expenses related to marketing is done by the marketing team of one’s organization. Hence B2B lead generation is essential and is the most vital KPI(Key Performance Indicators) that helps to keep track of the marketing goals of an organization.

One of the basic things that the B2B marketing team has to do is create quality leads that can later be converted into sales because a sales pipeline of a company will look better and help the organization to grow rapidly if you can gather more leads.

The challenge that the B2B marketing teams face is how effectively can they apply various lead generation strategies so that they can efficiently calculate the ROI from it. So in this article, we will delve deep into several B2B lead generation strategies that you can utilize in your own business organization and gather more leads thus more sales.

So what is B2B lead generation?

So in layman terms, lead generation is basically a process that helps to convert a potential consumer into a lead. So in the area of B2B, the leads you gather are decision-makers from other organizations to whom you can pitch the idea of your products and services and help in the growth of your business.

After you finally get a lead you’ve to move it through various marketing automation before passing it down the sales pipeline.

The top ten effective B2B lead generation strategies are:-

1)   Create Lead Magnets that are irresistible

Create Lead Magnets that are irresistible

First thing you need to comprehend that the process of B2B lead generation is basically an exchange of information between the customers on your website and your business enterprise. Therefore you have to give your customers all the necessary information related to the products and services of your company in exchange for their details for contact.

You have to make sure that it is beneficial for both your organization and the customers who visit your website because this will help in developing trust between the two parties and help to grow your company exponentially over time.  This lead magnet comes into play as you can utilize the resources available to you. I’m exchanging the details of your customers.

Now talking about a lead magnet, you can figure out ways or strategies that will throw light on the personalities of your customers so that you provide content about your products and services in the most effective way to lure the customers. You can utilize various lead magnets in your organization to increase the sales from webinars to case studies.

2)   Figure out companies that visit your website

One thing you need to understand is the fact that you don’t need to trade something to your customers for getting their contact information. You can utilize one tool called Leadfeeder which helps you a lot in B2B lead generation. This tool will let you find companies that are visiting the website of your business organization on a regular basis and deliver you the contact details.

You will also be able to understand the behavior and characteristics of your audience who visit your website and work also as an inbound marketing strategy to create a good relationship between the customers and the organization.

You can even use various ways to get notifications from the customers who visit your site and also get notified by email alerts if your customers open your website so that you stay updated with all vital information. This helps in better communication between customers and your organization and you can also implement email marketing companies to utilize the most out of it, by sending information related to your products to customers by mail.

3)   Publishing posts in your blog that are Search Engine Optimized

I have observed this unusual thing in the last few months, that most B2B organizations have posted in their blog which does not search engine optimized and hence websites rank very low in the search engine results.

Most B2B customers who want to buy their products often search for something in Google to find it and if your website is not good in search engine optimization then you are not visible to the customers who may turn up to be your potential leads.

The best thing you can do is generate content in your blog that has premium quality and search engines optimized so that your website receives more traffic and increases sales. So just create quality blog posts with highlighting keywords and answers all the questions thrown at you.

4)   Application of Exit-intent pop-ups

Application of Exit-intent pop-ups

So basically Exit-intent pop up is something that happens when you decide to leave the website you have opened or try to leave the tab that has the website opened, there is a popup that comes up “Are you sure to leave this page” or something else.

However, you need to make sure if you use this lead generation strategy you don’t apply pop up to every person who visits your website rather those people who may turn out to be your potential lead. So it should be directed towards the target audience. The message that gets displayed on the pop-up must be very specific for every customer with respect to the way they interacted with the website.

5)   Targeting the proper audience

This is an amazing B2B lead generation strategy you indicate to keep track of the prospects of your business and convert potential leads to customers and improve your sales.

You will find this for a fact that most visitors who come across your website don’t share their email on their first time. Now, these visitors who you lose eventually can be accessed again by utilizing tools on Facebook or Instagram to gain a connection with them so that you can share a conversation to get their interest back to your website and even you can Google Ads to find your target audience.

6)   Using keywords used your competitors as a reference in Google Ads

In this B2B lead generation strategy, we’ll directly refer to the keywords which are mostly used by other business organizations on their advertisements on Google.

If you observe that other organizations have already figured out keywords that are generating leads and improving sales and now working towards growing their business, you should make the best out of this opportunity to apply these keywords in your advertisements. You can easily get hold of the keywords other brands are using by using the application called SEMrush Advertising Research.

7)   Application of uploading videos on YouTube

Application of uploading videos on YouTube

This is one of the best platforms to take your marketing to the best level and this is one lead generation strategy that you shouldn’t miss at any cost. If you don’t happen to know, YouTube stands at the second position next to Google on the most used search engines and is socially used by all just like other social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook.

The basic idea which I want you to know is that whatever be the content of your video there is always a high chance of getting the target audience amongst the people who watch your video so why should you lose this big opportunity to get more leads or potential customers. There is no investment needed for making your video, the only thing you need to properly do is feeding quality content to your viewers.

8)   Utilising Facebook for the target audience

There is another thing I’ve noticed recently that most B2B marketers completely omit Facebook when looking for ways to generate more leads for their website.

You can get a hold of your target audience who may turn out to be potential customers if you put up advertisements on Facebook as this is one of the most widely used platforms at present and may serve as an important tool in lead generation. You can observe the details of the behaviors of your customers on a regular basis to find the target audience.

9)   Hosting Webinars

This is one B2B marketing Lead generation tool that you must apply in your business organizations to increase your sales rapidly.

One thing you will obviously know people love to find how the product they are going to buy works in real life scenarios rather than looking it at online websites and you can achieve this by hosting webinars to develop a strong relationship with your customers and gain trust and this will help you find the target audience.

10)   Application of dynamic CTA at the end of your posts in the blog

Application of dynamic CTA at the end of your posts in the blog

I hope you are already aware of the fact that a website which is Search Engine Optimized will rank higher up in the search engine results and also have greater traffic, so what is the next step?

The posts you write in your blog can turn out to be the stepping stone in turning your viewers in the blog to a potential lead. Hence if you add a CTA which is dynamic in nature at the end of the blogs you can generate more leads as visitors who stay glued to your post till the end may potentially be a  customer.

Ending Note

One of the vital things as a B2B marketer you have to do is generate more leads for your company so that they can be converted to potential customers. Now generating more leads and gaining fewer sales is not a good thing as it simply throws light on the fact the pore quality of the leads.

So after going through this article and coming across various B2B marketing lead generation strategies you have to figure which strategy works best for you and helps you grow your business and improve sales.

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