Manufacturing Tech Trends of the 2020s

Manufacturing Tech Trends

As of June 2019 according to Internet World Stats, 57.3% of the population in the whole world have been utilizing the internet, which entirely explains why many industries have been progressing in terms of their technology arsenal for the past recent years. The manufacturing industry, in particular, has been banking in on the power of the internet to operate facilities and manage the workforce, as seen on the popularity of cloud-based applications in the said industry.

With all the advancements in the manufacturing industry, a strong chance of developing a new set of up-to-date technologies are implied. However, not entirely all of these proclivities can make it for the next ten years, and missing this point can lead you to quite a lot of capital loss and disastrous investments in the future.

Considering the rapid release of modern technology trends, manufacturers and investors are widely advised to prepare themselves for the next cutting edge technologies that will shape up the industry for the next decades.

To help you gear up, here is the list of possible technological trends together with their information for the upcoming 2020s:

The Automation of the Manufacturing Industry

The rise of automation in manufacturing can be related to the fact that most manufacturing companies are looking for ways to make every component of their operations more efficient.

With automation, the manufacturing industry is now able to use next-generation tools that help them improve their production capabilities. From automated bending machines to laser cutters, benefits such as better product quality, and its efficiency due to automation brings the manufacturing industry in a whole new level of productiveness and profit margin. And while the implementation of AI-powered automated machines is still in infancy, the future of automated manufacturing is also likely to consider the use of such advanced technology in their field of production.

According to an article from Industry Week, 50% of the manufacturing companies more or less might utilize AI by 2021, while on the other hand, there could be 25% of planners in the manufacturing industry that will be operating systems by means of verbal command as of the year 2020. With these facts, the integration of robots as a part of every workforce in some manufacturing company perhaps is not excluded.

An improvement in the quality and efficiency with less cost makes it more intriguing. From an advanced operational process to the optimization of products quality, the automation of the manufacturing industry in the near 2020 is not impossible; considering many of these robotic devices have the capability of eliminating human errors and accidents in production.

Green Technology

With over 95 percent of the population in the whole world inhaling polluted air, the crises in health and some environmental issues brings an alarming message to all. Urban areas which are known for having a bigger population, have been jeopardizing its citizens with the automobiles and factories feeding pollution on the air that they breathe.

In line with these matters is the action of the technological industry, as they start on digging solutions for these complications. The introduction of future green technology provides hope for better production and environment in our future.

Green Tech trends such as:

  • Solar Panels- A technology that helps in reducing fossil fuel consumption in electricity usage. Knowing that in our everyday life we use to utilize electricity, from cooking to leisures, we spend a lot of power. However, sometimes too much of things can be bad and harmful, that’s why solar panels are invented. It converts the sun ray’s energy to electricity. A better and safer way of power consumption.
  • Nature Walls- Aside from its eye-pleasing characteristics is the idea of eliminating pollution. Nature walls are consisting of live plants which can absorb carbon dioxide and add oxygen on the environment.
  • Capsula Mundi- Speaking of nature, this invention converts the nutrients from a buried body to the tree planted. With these nutrients, the tree can grow much healthier and at the same time contribute a lot of fresh air to breath in.
  • Edible plastic- Since a lot of news on social media is centered on marine life suffering from plastics disposed of in the ocean, the tech industry has come up with the idea of making plastic bags that could be food for the marine lives.

These technologies are designed to minimize the injurious effect of the particular chemical released by automobiles and factories.

The Rise of 5G

Many are the trends of today’s technology that relies more on its production process on the internet or data connections. Taking into count that the manufacturing industry has opened its door for automation, the use of the tech-based machine is indisputable.

Undoubtedly, connectivity managed to achieve more than anyone could ever imagine. As it had gone so far, from being related to mobile phones to its significant value for many manufacturers. However, as the need for connectivity is continuously growing the demand in better connection constraints its developers. Here is when they come into the point of introducing the fifth generation of cellular wireless technology.

5G is consist of advanced features designed to meet the needs of future technology like the following:

  • Accelerated flexibility in operations
  • Less concealment
  • Interlinking broad array devices

These particular features derive some of the smart tech manufactures to implement 5G in their devices since the year 2018. The adequacy it has is what brought it on top other trends. Hence there’s a big chance that 5G will be utilized in many large-scale to medium scale fabricators for the following years.

Smart Factories

Since chances are foreseen in the presence of automated manufacturers in the upcoming years, the smart factory has been on the run in working on the development of software and hardware for artificial intelligence to improve the production management,manufacturing stream optimization, and consolidation of the machinery.

Our world has come so far on its up growth and breakthrough; many are satisfied and happy with the results. However, not all suppliers or manufacturers are worth trusting.

As many as these trends are the evildoer around you, that is why every one of should be well informed of the righteous things to be selected and invest for.

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