10 Important Social Media Tools For Better Performance

From content creation and publishing to analysis and reporting, it can be overwhelming to consider all the work that social media marketers must complete every day. Luckily, many great social media management tools can help you. These tools help simplify workflow, save time, and ensure that your content reaches the right audience at the right time.

You also need Social Media marketing skills to be successful. But how do you decide which tool to use? With so many great social media management tools, we think it would be great to show some great tools to help you choose the most suitable tool for your business.

Here are the top 10 best social media management tools out there.

1. Hootsuite

It is one of the best social media management tools for creating and managing business activities. There is no need to manage all platforms manually. Open Hootsuite and work from a single dashboard. You can use this social media dashboard to track conversations, schedule messages, manage multiple profiles, and perform other social activities.

2. Sendible

For agencies who have to manage social media for multiple clients, Sendible is a powerful social media management tool. You can schedule posts on various social media platforms and integrate them with social sharing sites and blogs. You can also add it to slack to simplify the communication process significantly. Sendible can create an organized editorial calendar for your blog. It also reports brand mentions, so you can contact people and know about your social media presence. This tool provides a unique feature to share existing content on the web and share to get more profile views.

3. AgoraPulse

Like the social media management platform above, AgoraPulse is an all-in-one social media platform with planning, reporting, and response functions. Unlike other products, AgoraPulse offers some unique features at a very affordable price, such as Facebook contests and competitor analysis apps.

4. Sked Social

It is no secret that Facebook Ads can brand your website and help you attract your target audience. However, too many ads have made it easier to ignore them on Facebook. As a result, marketers are shifting to less scratchy platforms like Instagram. Sked Social (formerly called Schedule Gram) is a social media management tool designed to target your Instagram audience. Provides a simple and effective way to organize media sharing. You can upload a lot of content to your Instagram account. The tool’s user interface is so simple that you do not have to worry about using it. However, the free version is not supported. In addition to using Sked Social, you can also integrate Instagram into WordPress in many other ways.

5. RafflePress

It is the best giveaway plugin for WordPress. With the drag-and-drop giveaway generator and viral giveaway templates, you can quickly create compelling online contests for your viewers. What makes RafflePress so valuable for social media marketing is its verified bonus actions feature. It is an ideal tool for increasing social media engagement and following. It can also help you attract more website visits, grow your email list, and increase sales.

6. Audiense

Audiense is a social intelligence tool that empowers you to discover and segment new target audiences. Most importantly, it can help you understand the audience by explaining how it works. Therefore, Audiense uses tracking and reporting to help optimize audience engagement. Think of it as a tool for developing relationships with clients.

7. Sprout Social

Like Hootsuite, Sprout Social is a social media management platform that provides users with helpful analysis. The tool measures engagement and performance on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, and Twitter and compares it with competitor data. Sprout Social can also compare paid impressions with organic impressions and gain fans to identify high-performance content and display advertising effects. Recently, this tool acquired Measured, a social analytics company, to make its analytics components more powerful.

8. Socialbakers

Socialbakers analyzes viewer interests, find social media influencers, top-performing content, track brand mentions, and measure the sentiments behind them. Based on the data collected, Socialbakers will tell you what your purchasing personas are. In the paid version, Socialbakers covers Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and Vkontakte. With this tool, you can export data in all possible formats (PPT, PDF, PNG, CSV) and create customized reports.

9. HubSpot

HubSpot analytics tools allow you to correlate social media performance with business and revenue growth. Whether you post directly through HubSpot or use other tools, you can report on the success of your social strategy on all channels. You can also compare the performance of multiple social media to measure the effectiveness of your campaign. HubSpot’s social analytics tools provide various graphics and images that can categorize numbers based on platform-specific features such as audience, number of impressions, and session length.

10. Buffer

Buffer was initially a Twitter planning tool. It currently supports all major social media platforms, including Facebook, Pinterest, LinkedIn, Instagram, and Google+ (for those who still use it).

You can use buffers to:

Use the chrome extension to add content and articles from the web to the Buffer queue or share content on the go.

  • Access complex analytics to track content’s performance.
  • Automatically shortens links you share.
  • Upload custom photos and videos.
  • Reply to posts from inside Buffer.
  • Create a posting schedule so content gets spread out throughout the day.
  • Add team members.


There are many great tools, and new ones are constantly emerging. The important thing is to find tools that support your marketing efforts and take the time to understand them. Do not be afraid to add new tools to the toolkit. However, please do not throw away old tools because they have something fresh and shiny. We hope this article will help you choose the right tool for your social media campaigns.

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