The 12 Most Popular WordPress E-Commerce Themes of 2019

Most Popular WordPress

Why do we need to choose the popular WordPress themes for your business? What are the most popular themes than can boost up the business? What’s new and the most updated version of WordPress themes?

With more than 10,000 themes available in WordPress, it is quite laborious to choose the best e-Commerce themes. Selecting the best e-Commerce WordPress themes is essential as they are not used for promotional purpose, but also in the virtual store to sell the products. The plugin WooCommerce is most commonly used to set the virtual stores with a few clicks.

Often there has been confusion among the individuals, if there is any single theme for the WordPress that can fit in all the cases. Well, the answer is YES. You can choose the multi-purpose theme of WordPress, which is popular for any web sites. Implementing the right theme makes a huge difference in your blogs, hence makes your website grow.

WordPress has created quite a revolution in the industry because it does not require coding knowledge. But rather lets you ordain the whole customized theme for your own website. WordPress is still blooming and the developers are giving new inputs in adding new themes. So yes, here in this blog, we will go through the most popular WordPress themes of 2019.

The 12 most popular WordPress e-Commerce themes of 2019:-

1. Artemis


Artemis comprises all the essential features, when developing the top-notch online stores with WooCommerce WordPress themes. Artemis is the multi-purpose WordPress theme that encloses with the varied selection of demos in the online shop. All the designs on this theme have a classy and stylish appearance, which makes it the best choice to feature the premium products. The WPBakery Page Builder, the visual composer plugin is provided to change the pre-built content. Designs can easily be imported into the WordPress site. It comes with a visual composer that can save your time while developing the site. For example, you can upload the videos of the product to each listing beside the photo gallery.

2. Halena


Halena is the splendid choice of those products, which has the got minimal approach to design. It is simple and clean therefore any web page you develop using Halena will load immediately. The theme encompasses WPBakery which is used to customize the template and also can be used to create unique pages. It has got number of pre-built layouts which include an option for shopping cart, product display, customer accounts and checkouts.

3. ShopKeeper


The Shopkeeper is an amazing WordPress e-Commerce platform. The home page has got large slides, which is designed to attract the eyes of the potential clients. The user can customize the themes without any coding knowledge. They are the array of huge pre-built layout , users can develop their own layout from the scratch if the pre-built array fails. For instance, the user can change the color and fonts. Revolution slider and visual slider plugins are used in the Shopkeeper theme.

4. Herringbone


Herringbone is another excellent choice for your online store. It was specifically developed for WooThemes flagship in e-Commerce platform. Herringbone looks fabulous in all the devices and screen-sizes as it is fully responsive and attractive. It is compliant with CSS3 and HTML5. Herringbone is confined with CSSIgniter setting panel, thus enables to easily change the color scheme, create the homepage, and much more. With CSSIgniter you can have comprehensive support with well-staffed forum.

5. The Retailer

The Retailer

The Retailer materializes with unique animations, such as thumbnail flipping. The Retailer theme shows up with landing pages, sliders, multiple layout options. It is customizable, for example, you can include logos, change color, fonts and pallets, etc. Overall, the Retailer theme is very simple to setup.

6. Storebox


Storebox is designed to host the websites that sell the clothes. It shows up with the slider and comes with multiple options that features the products. You can easily set up the attributes that can specify each and every product. Multiple payment gateways can be combined in the Storebox, along with catalog products, set up promotions, ability to set up the shipping charges.

7. Crux


Crux is solid-rock that is developed in the Stag Framework. You can develop numerous short codes with the custom sidebars plugin. Crux has got stylish demos in the online store. For example, you can wave your mouse over the featured image of the product, the details (add to cart, measurement, sizes, etc.) would pop from the top or the bottom of the image.

8. Gear


Gear promotes the minimalism concept. Gear has few designing options other than default color and font schemes, and parallax scrolls for the background icons. The borders of the gear are minimal, hence the main focus is on the elements that are important such as your product.

9. Vitrine


In vitrine, you get the option to choose from number of demo templates. Each template has been designed in such a way that the product is showcased prominently. For the deep customization option, you can choose from the myriad of menu and header designs, or you can use admin panels that are dedicated to modifying fonts, color, image attributes, etc.

10. Walker


If you are seeking for far-beyond design, then Walker would be your ideal choice. This theme is trendy and bold, with a homepage that has got 15 layouts and 5 headers that you can choose from. Further, the customization of the layout can be used, using Visual Composer Plugin. Hence, the Walker theme does not shrimp.

This theme is chunky aesthetic, with default monochrome color and bold fonts , zipped with the most stunning animations and the parallax scroll functionality.

11. Kalium


There are lots of sellers, who does not rely on simple and functional look, but rather prefer unique websites. Kalium is that theme that caters the need of those sub-section of the sellers. This theme is simply geared to sell products that are creative in looks, homemade arts and crafts. Hence this theme adds the extra glamour by giving enough space for each product or elements, and a default font to escalate the jaunty vibes.

If you are considering a theme that is creative then Kalium is the best choice for you.

12. Flatsome


Flatsome has got many exclusive features, which makes it more popular among any other themes. It is optimized to work faster. It has got inbuilt slider system as well as options for unlimited header. Hence, the banner ensures to display the best quality and portion of the image.

Final Note

The e-Commerce website looks attractive when it is not complicated, simple, clean and user-friendly. Flourish your business by matching the brand and designs of virtual store using the above mentioned e-Commerce themes. If you still feel to add more benchmark for your business, then hire an e-Commerce WordPress development company. They will implement creative ideas and help you choose the best themes that are subjective.

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