3 Hacks to Increase Your Sales Using Cold Calling

Cold calling may seem like a thing of the past and may not seem effective anymore. However, if you dig deeper into it, you’ll figure out that many successful businesses are still using this method.

While it definitely does take a lot of patience to get a single lead, cold calling does pay off. In fact, it takes a tele-caller anywhere between 100 and 500 calls to just generate a single lead! However, using the hacks below, you can improve your cold calling strategy and generate more revenue.

1. Planning

Planning matters in every form of marketing, be it traditional or digital marketing. You must have a plan of action ready before you make the cold call. It helps to have a rough idea of who your prospect is and what they may need. This will allow you to think of the possible questions they may have and will help you prepare answers accordingly.

You may even be able to figure out what their problems are. This will help you pitch your product more effectively and accurately. Planning will also help you have a clear goal in your mind when you’re speaking to the prospect. It will help you direct the conversation in a better manner.

2. Capture the Prospect’s Attention

You need to capture the prospect’s attention quickly in order to get them interested in the conversation. Your chat should seem very natural and shouldn’t be a forced conversation. Start off with confidence and charisma, which will reflect in your voice and get them to listen more intently.

You should pay special attention to your tone and speech when chatting with the prospect. It can make or break the deal for you. Also, don’t be in a hurry to pitch. Take enough time to introduce yourself before you start selling the product. You may even wait it out and sell on a later call and not on the first call itself.

3. Use a CRM

Using Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software, you can easily take control of your cold calling campaigns. Software such as Salesmate can simplify the process for you and can even help you optimize your sales calls.

It lets you make calls through their built-in calling feature and enables your sales representatives to take notes. You can even get detailed call reports of your sales representatives, which will allow you to monitor their performance. The reports can help you identify trends and optimize your sales calls to generate more sales.

To learn some more cool hacks related to cold calling, check out the infographic below:


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