Here’s How You Can Minimize the Time to Hire New Employees

You want to ensure you’re only recruiting the best talent for your organization. To make a thorough evaluation of candidates, a lot of organizations take a few weeks. While it may seem like a necessary step, the truth is that you might actually be driving away the best candidates.

In fact, the best candidates are only available for 10 days before they are hired. It’s a candidate-driven market today. Good candidates know the value of their skills and time. If the hiring process is too long, they might lose their patience and jump to the next offer available.

It is because of this that hiring managers must focus on the candidate experience during recruitment. Here are some ways that can help to hire managers to decrease their hiring time:

1. Connect Over Social Media

One way to speed up your hiring process is to reach out to more people. For this, social media is the best place. And it’s not just LinkedIn that we are talking about. Facebook and Instagram both have more than a billion monthly active users. It’s a great way to reach out to potential candidates.

Recently, Facebook even launched a special “Jobs” feature to connect recruiters with candidates. With this feature, job postings will appear directly in the newsfeeds of users and alongside other posts on your Business page.

2. Ask Your Employees for Referrals

You can also use your employees’ connections to reach out to the right people for your job openings. This can make your current employees feel more involved in the organization. It also helps to set the right expectations with the new candidate.

Your current employee can introduce them to your organization’s work culture even before the interview process begins. You might also save some time on hiring when you hire employees via referrals. The tedious task of posting job applications and vetting them can also be shortened with the referral process.

3. Automate Tasks

It’s a good practice to keep the candidates updated about their application status. But not many organizations do so. The main reason is that it requires a lot of time and effort. An easy way to handle these tasks is to automate them.

With AI, it is possible to send automated emails to candidates and even screen their profiles. It can help you streamline the process and make it more efficient.

For more tips on cutting down on hiring time for candidates, check out the infographic below:




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