Top Affiliate Marketing Trends To Boost Your Sales

Affiliate marketing has made businesses millions and ordinary people millionaires.Bo Bennet

Top Affiliate Marketing Trends

Marketing in itself is a word that has so many meanings and outputs. And, over the past few years, the horizon of marketing has only advanced and changed as the entire world saw changes in the form of digitization and social media marketing. Ever since the time that one can remember advertising has played a pivotal role in getting products, services and businesses the required attention and reach that they need. With marketing taking off originally on traditional mediums such as television, newspapers, radio and hoardings, it took a lot of learning and patience to  understand the ways of digital marketing, but nonetheless, it caught on.

One particular marketing term that has seen its evolution all along while this was happening is affiliate marketing. Now, most of you might not be aware of this term and here is when we will break down by explaining exactly what it means. Suppose I have a website ‘X’ and I decide to market and promote a business or a product for ‘Y’, then this arrangement through which Y decides to pay me either for all the branding that I have done, or for all those people who land on their page through mine is what affiliate marketing is all about. This is one process that has continued to change and adapt to the changes seen in the marketing world, but has not faded, and with news coming in – it is here to stay!

Contrary to what most marketers believe, affiliate marketing is in fact, a phenomenon that will only grow and fine tune its approach through the modern reach of social media and digitalization. Despite other fads coming into fashion, the reach of affiliate marketing is set to grow 12 billion dollars strong globally. Now, that is a niche and a market that no one would want to miss out on. Though the central idea of affiliate marketing is more or less the same, the only thing that has changed is the ways in which it is getting done.

As the markets enter 2020, if you are looking for the means and tips to get pro at affiliate marketing, and tap in on the benefits in the most positive way possible, we will tell you exactly how to go about doing just that.


Most people who tread in the waters of affiliate marketing often feel that it is the most constructive only in the initial phases, which is that of getting people introduced to a certain concept/idea or product. However, with the recent changes and trends seen in the past few years, marketers have slowly realized that affiliate marketing can be used for every stage of the buyer’s journey. And, capitalizing on this very aspect comes these trends that all of you can cash in on.


  • Branding the Brands with Brands: the era of using influencers for social media platforms is up and booming. With new platforms such as TikTok and Instagram coming in place, there are just so many people who one can approach. The important factor before jumping into affiliate marketing is to understand your brand, understand your target audience and then zero in on a celebrity of influencer who can best get you the mileage that your product and service deserves. Highlight the key players and media influencers and then look for the best possible ways through which you can capitalize on their reach for your brand.
  • Be Open and Easy to Reach: affiliate marketing is a phenomenon that has the beauty of benefitting both, the marketer and the product that is being marketed. As a result of this, it is only understandable that there are tons of online media influencers who look for opportunities to associate with a brand. In cases like this make sure that your own portal and page have an easy access button through which social media influencers can approach you. Have a link that can redirect them to the page, because by this it will be easy for you to draw the attention of the right influencers to market your product.
  • Understanding your Brand: an important aspect of affiliate marketing is to make sure that your influencers and other portals that decide to market your product/service, truly understand your product. In the era of interactive designing and effective storytelling, it is very important to work on a proper landing page that can help your future brand ambassadors understand exactly what your brand is. Along with this, it will also be a good idea if on the same page you can mention all the details of how your affiliation program works. The more you elaborate on this, the easier it will be for your affiliate marketers to understand all the requirements and the pointers that they need to bear in mind before joining your affiliate program.
  • Boost Email Marketing to capture more affiliate marketers: email marketing may seem like a trend that is obsolete, however, till date it has the capacity to get you the numbers. While focusing on capturing more affiliate marketers, it will be a good idea if you can utilize the traditional norms of email marketing by working on trendy and eye catching subject lines. With hordes of marketing emails being sent, something different and catchy is sure to catch the eyeballs.
  • Optimize usage of social media platforms: if you are using the age old ways of affiliate marketing in era 2020, then you are doing it all wrong. With the whole generation of influencers going online through the medium of YouTube, Instagram and now TikTok and SnapChat, the one way you can get your brand to reach them is if you effectively use these channels as well. Don’t shy away from promoting yourself on mediums such as videos and stories that are one of the latest fads in social marketing.
  • Provide your marketers with rich content: in the era of cross linking and efficient coverage, it will be vital to ensure that your affiliate marketers, from time to time get content that is best according to you. As the owner of the business and service, you will best be able to gauge what piece of content fared the best for you so that the same can be shared with the marketers to yield the best results.

With the global ways of marketing changing almost every second, only those people will fare well who understand the changing dynamics and capitalize on it. Affiliate Marketing is definitely a huge reserve that all business owners can cash in on, if done in the most appropriate and effective way.

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