Best Features of Healthcare Mobile Application

Features to Integrate in Healthcare Mobile Application

The healthcare sector is capable of working using various technologies to manage their patients and their health. Millions of healthcare applications are found on the play store today, allowing doctors and patients to connect easily from anywhere at any time. With such diversity, you can monitor their health, record their daily activities like burned calories, receive a consultation, or predict health conditions. Therefore, due to faster connectivity between patients and doctors, the demand for virtual assistance has increased.

Hence, if you are looking to integrate top features in your mobile healthcare application, you have come across the right page. Moreover, for further assistance in healthcare application development, you can outsource a team of experts from app developers in Miami with qualitative results.

Top Features to Integrate in Healthcare Mobile Application

Below are the features that a healthcare application must integrate today to sustain in the competitive market and maintain its customer base.

  1. Doctor’s Profile

With the increase in the digital world, it has become easier to connect with doctors. As seen, patients spend their entire life in finding an appropriate physician. Selecting any one from the given list is not an option. The profile makes it easier for patients and doctors. Thus, it also allows the process of matching doctors and patients quickly and accurately. You can find the qualifications, professional degrees, certifications, and experiences in the application to ensure their practice matches the expertise degree. You can find the right location of the hospital or clinic, including their immediate contact details.

Moreover, adding reviews and ratings will give a better idea to the first time patients consult that specific physician. You can also outsource a team of professionals from top mobile app development companies in Florida for further assistance in adding all the features for your healthcare application.

  1. Schedule Management

A world where everything is managed digitally has enabled patients to book an appointment within a few clicks. Booking a meeting not only saves time but also is more convenient for doctors and patients. The feature is used separately for doctors and patients. Applications can hold respective login mails to keep the accounts and feature separate from the patients and doctors. Let’s take a look at the points to keep in mind while developing this feature:

  • Doctors App: Can view their appointment requests and confirm at the same place, a reminder of the upcoming appointments, hold various time slots for rescheduling the appointments and view the appointment list in the application for further scheduling.
  • Patient’s App: Allow the users to fill in their information, including medical history, select the doctor depending on your requirement, brief health information for the doctor to review before the appointment, and once the consultation is confirmed, you can find the time slot as per doctor’s availability.
  1. E-Prescription

With an e-prescription feature, doctors can smoothly generate and send prescriptions to their patients without any errors. Hence, it helps communicate effectively and satisfies the patient’s need to save the prescription without losing it in the system. Moreover, it allows the doctor to view prescription insurance formulary information connected with electronic pharmacies with its data. Hence, making it smoother for the patients to buy the medicines accurately as per the prescription.

E-prescription helps in decision making in suggesting the medicines prescribed earlier till the day. It also allows recording the insurance coverage making it easier to make an informed decision financially. With advanced versions, you can find the feature of creating and refilling prescriptions and managing medications. You can contain errors like bad handwriting or missing out on medicine while writing the drug with this specific feature. Hence, to add in the same, you can outsource a team of healthcare app developers to ensure efficiency in functioning.

  1. Electronic Healthcare Record (EHR)

Electronic Healthcare Record is a feature for both doctors and patients. Thus, they give them all a single space to access their health records and refer anytime from anywhere. The smart feature helps identify and manage the patient’s information along with the demographics of the patient. It also helps manage problem lists, medication lists, patient history, and managing clinical documents and notes. The feature also helps in capturing external clinical documents and recording patient instructions without any hassle.

The healthcare application also extends the feature to the viewing and scanning of medical images. In some cases, the remote studying of pictures done through a medical device is useful when viewed at the workstation. Moreover, you can outsource a team of professionals from the top mobile app development companies to ensure smooth functioning and practical healthcare application outcomes.

  1. Telemedicine          

Telemedicine has made communications faster and smoother between doctors and patients. It has made monitoring and treating chronic conditions without any hassle and saving time. In today’s time, healthcare applications have advanced interaction with one another despite the geographical distance. The functioning of the app includes answering some questions and selecting the doctor available as per the description. Then you can choose a time-slot from the schedule chart and receive a confirmation via email. You can also leave a voice message or the video message at the selected time.

However, you are called for a physical meet with the doctor for specific treatments and examine the condition. Moreover, you can use the photo-based for consultation. This step is taken for treatments like skin diseases, bruises, and eye infections.

Wrapping Up!

Healthcare applications are advancing the effectiveness of managing health for both doctors and patients. Hence, with these advantages, healthcare applications are mainly being used by doctors and patients. Moreover, from the industry’s significant technological advances, the three include Big Data, Machine Learning, and AI. However, choosing features from the points mentioned above will help your application sustain itself in the modern market system.

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