Top 7 Travel Accounts to Follow on Instagram

The pandemic has made us sit in our homes, and it has been a long time since we have gone out. Thanks (or not) to the pandemic, we spent most of the last year just sitting at our home, scrolling through Instagram feeds and stories.

While going through your Instagram feeds, you might have come across several images of beautiful locations from this world that urge you to pack your bag and explore every corner of this beautiful planet. While the worst might be over, it is still not a good time to plan your trip. But that doesn’t stop you from discovering what this beautiful world holds on its horizon. You can even see much of the beauties of the world while staying at home. That is the power of Social Media. The high images on Instagram can make any place come alive. Many influencers and travel pages on Instagram have done their bit of travelling and have roamed around different corners of the world. The professionals can share lovely images and their experiences about many places that you can visit too.

In this article, you will find some of the top Instagram accounts that you should follow. These travellers have had a strong desire to travel, they have been to many places, and they regularly upload and shares memoir from their journeys. They will give you primary travel goals, and who knows, one day you might get inspired to buy a camera, quit your job, become a traveller, and book your ticket to your dream destination right away.

For this article, I will not mention any travelling pages and include accounts of individual travellers or vloggers who tell their travelling stories through mesmerising pictures of beautiful locations.
Top 7 Travel Accounts to Follow on Instagram

Chris Burkard | chrisburkard

The beauty of any scenery is enhanced by the person capturing it. Chris Burkard, a professional photographer, has a collection of stunning photographs on his Instagram profile that attracts more than 3.6 million followers. His shots tell the story of the beauty that exists on this planet. He has travelled to remote places to capture inspiring moments. His posts inspire millions to travel and capture the moment. In 2017, Chris was named top travel influencer by Forbes. Through social media, Chris strives to share his vision of wild places with millions of people and inspire them to explore themselves. As he said – Have camera, Will travel.

  • Chris has uploaded almost 4000 images on his account, showing his excellent photography skills
  • Apart from being a traveller and a photographer, Chris is also a filmmaker, speaker, creative director and author.

Jack Morris | doyoutravel 

You know, Jack Morris likes to travel when you visit his Instagram profile. The images he has uploaded made anyone want to visit and experience these locations. Jack is a world traveller and has been to spectacular places throughout his life. He gained popularity because of his impressive travel images on Instagram. He mostly likes to travel the world with his girlfriend, Lauren, who herself is also a travel influencer on Instagram (more about her later). Check out his profile, and it will urge you to see a sunset from the top of a skyscraper in Dubai or get lost in the endless dunes in Egypt.

  • Jack Morris has more than 2.6 million followers on his account
  • He has uploaded around 900 pictures from exotic locations around the world
  • He also shares his travel stories on his YouTube channel

Lauren Bullen | gypsea_lust

Much like Jack, his girlfriend, Lauren, is also a renown travel blogger on Instagram. Her profile has more than 2 million followers and nearly 1700 posts of mesmerising locations. Her fondness for travelling compelled her to learn photography as well. With her developed skills, she makes travel content to encourage her followers and other travellers. The duo of Jack and Lauren is admired for their incredible lifestyle. Their love for travelling has embarked on a journey to visit iconic places on the planet. Lauren belongs to Australia, but because of her aspirations, she is now based in Bali (a beautiful destination in Indonesia) with her partner Jack.

  • Lauren also has a YouTube channel where she vlogs about her travel experiences.
  • She is also a fitness enthusiast and uploads fitness and diet tips on her social media accounts.

Lauren Bullen

Pilotmadeline | Maddie Travel and Lifestyle 

Madeline is a licensed pilot. She is also the founder of her own cosmetics company. But most importantly, she is an Instagram star with 1.3 million followers on her travelling account. Since she couldn’t find any job in the aviation industry, she decided to channel her interest to travel blogging. Judging by the posts on her Instagram profile and the number of followers she has, it seems that she made a good decision. You can follow her on Instagram, where she daily shares tips on travelling, family and more. You can visit her website to know more about her other ventures and interests on her blog’s section, where she writes about fashion, fitness, food, and travelling.

  • Madeline likes to travel the world with her boyfriend
  • Madeline did her MBA before evolving into a full-time traveller
  • She also wishes to become a pilot someday

Alexandra Baackes | alexinwanderland

Alexandra first started blogging to document about her trip to South-east Asia in 2009. Later in 2011, she decided to travel full time. She left her home in New York in search of Wanderland and since then has never looked back. After leaving New York, she never had a permanent address. She has a lifetime of global trotting daydream to fulfil. She also runs a campaign (wanderwomenretreats) in which she invites other travel enthusiasts to join her on a journey to Wanderland and beyond. Her Instagram account is filled with beautiful locations from different countries, enticing fellow travellers to join her on an unforgettable adventure. You can check out her Instagram account for glimpses from her adventures.

  • Alexandra has more than 80k followers on Instagram and uploaded more than 2500 posts till now.
  • She has her own website where she writes about her experiences and guides others on planning their trip.

Emmett Sparling | emmett_sparling

Travelling and photography go side by side. Emmett, who specializes in photography and videography, would often be hired to travel and capture the most beautiful locations to ever exist. Fortunately, he shares his travel experiences on his Instagram profile, so that travel lovers can cherish various locations they are unable to visit and make plans as per their choice in the near future. He is fortunate enough and talented enough that he gets invited to travel to various places along with top brands. In his travelling journey, he has met amazing people in India at the banks of the Ganga river, has taken ariel shots of cityscapes from choppers, dived deep underwaters and much more. His adventures have no limits. He inspires us to explore new locations, meet new people, make memories, and record them on camera.

  • Emmett’s Instagram account has more than 800k followers
  • He also has a YouTube channel where he exhibits his videography skills
  • He often works with top tourism brands to assist in photography and videography.

Kristin Addis | bemytravelmuse 

A solo female travel blogger, as mentioned on her Instagram bio, Kristin regularly uploads images from her trips on Instagram. Kristin, who started her finance career, wanted to live life to the fullest, so she decided to quit her job, leave her apartment, and booked a ticket for a trip to South-east Asia to become a travel blogger. Her love for travelling led her to visit almost every continent, from Peru in South America to Bali in Asia. You can find around 2000 posts on her Instagram account, ranging from rocky landscapes to fantastic sand dunes. She revealed that solo travelling has brought out the best and bravest version of herself. Plus, she also manages her own YouTube channel, which has more than 19k subscribers. Kristin also owns a clothing line called WanderBabe Clothing.

  • Kristin has 124k followers on Instagram
  • She also likes to write and runs a blog that attracts over 5 million readers annually.


“Much of the world is experiencing the outside world through screens now more than ever.”

You should follow these mentioned profiles for their fantastic content. You might envy their lifestyle, but that might motivate you to start travelling yourself. Any other medium cannot tell the stories and experiences from their images and captions. These Instagram stars are regularly posting about new destinations and are growing every day. You can explore the world by looking at your mobile devices and trick yourself into believing that you had a little trip yourself by just looking at their stunning pictures. More importantly, they want the world to see what they saw, and thus their account is filled with information, tour and travel guides and, of course, pictures of unique places you might not have heard about before. I hope these influencers helps you find the traveller within you, and one day, you can also explore the uncharted places of the earth.

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