Event Tech Trends to look out for in 2020

As we’ve bid adieu to a decade and sworn to embrace new beginnings with open arms, let’s talk about the new event tech trends which are going to sway 2020 away.

The escalating use of technology to plan an event has been quite detectable and appreciated by both the organizers and the audience. With the consistently evolving public demands and expectations, it is necessary to understand which technologies are in vogue.

So this one if for all you event planners out there!

Most promising Event Tech Trends for 2020:

1. Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality

Augmented Reality or the AR feature is a brilliant unification of the physical and digital worlds which gives rise to a wholly interactive artificial environment. One of the most popular examples is the mobile game, Pokemon GO. The developers of the game, with the help of AR, allow the players to locate and catch Pokemons that randomly show-up say, near your parked vehicle or a sidewalk or even on your way to the loo.

Similarly, at events, AR can create a visually dynamic experience for the users. It enables attendees to connect and interact with the event, engage with the products and services. It also allows the brand to initiate buzz and conversation about the event, boost engagement and sales.

AR is precisely one of the best technology trends and is definitely here to stay.

2. Facial Emotion Recognition

Facial Emotion Recognition

The calculation and analysis of the facial emotions of the attendees are one of the most crucial tech trends for events in 2020. While facial and emotion recognition helps a great deal in enhancing the security of an event, it also helps in deciphering the moods, responses, and engagement of the attendee throughout the event.

The integrated data helps the organizers to make instant data-driven decisions and modifications rather than working according to their past experience.

Facial recognition facilitates quicker processing which helps in registering and checking-in at an event, strengthens the security and can also track down any trespasser, and also analyses body language and emotional responses of the attendees which help in increasing event engagement among the users.

3. Artificial Intelligence

One of the most remarkable technology trends for 2020 is Artificial Intelligence (AI). This machinery-dominated technology gives a personalized experience to the user along with sharing major perks for the event organizers. It not only reduces the risk of errors if coded properly but also aids in giving digital assistance in handling repetitive jobs.

AI, at events, helps in enabling voice translation to interpret simultaneously, facial and emotional recognition to understand the behavior of attendees. It also ensures the smooth functioning of chatbots, which proves as an instant solution to the users’ problems and increases staff efficiency.

4. Social Media Wall

Social Media Wall

A social media wall is one of the most commercial and productive marketing tools for an event. Social walls are digital screens that display live user-generated content posted on various social media platforms on a big screen which attracts an extensive audience.

The sheer idea of becoming the face of your event and getting attention on a social media wall compels the users to post more about your event with specific hashtags. This amplifies real-time engagement and also aids in spotting your target audience.

Along with other benefits, it further gives a push to conversation and dialogue around your event; a buzz that just can’t get unnoticed. This results in building a strong community for your brand.

5. RFID Badges

RFID Badges

There is never enough word about RFID in the event industry. Over time, this particular tech trend, RFID or Radio Frequency Identification, has proved how prominent and convenient it turns out in an event.

One of its most noticeable features is how fast the speed of an event entrance becomes. It not only has replaced the tiring ticketing system but also manages multiple-day entry of an attendee.

Other than that, you can avoid long ATM lines and the pain of fidgeting with your wallet for every small payment by going cashless. All you gotta do is share your payment information with your RFID tag beforehand and enjoy the event without any care.

6. An Event App

With the current tech-driven world, where people search an appropriate app for everything under the sun, developing an app for your event has all our votes.

Providing your attendees with an app, that already has prior information about everything, from registration to the venue, from sessions to the speakers and guests, can boost engagement and networking among the attendees.

Not just that, a specific app for your event can simplify information, personalize attendee experience by improving customer service, and also make you stand out.


The developments around the event technologies used by organizers are quite rapid and appealing. It is essential for planners to become familiar with the latest trends and their implementation.

The use of these event technologies helps in boosting its reach and engagement among the attendees and are also quite cost-effective. Some of these are already pretty popular among experienced event organizers, and they know the fruitful results each of them possesses.

Begin entailing event tech into your future projects and experience high-yielding success.

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