How Much Cost Does It Require To Develop A WhatsApp Clone App?

How Much Cost Does It Require To Develop A WhatsApp Clone App

Well! The era was different when WhatsApp was introduced to the market. If you estimate it in today’s scenario, it incurs 5 times more cost to develop a messaging app like WhatsApp.

Would it be possible to hold a phone which doesn’t have the facility of messaging? Absolutely not! Today, having no chatting creates botheration in mind and makes a smartphone incomplete. No matter, how many new apps are there in your smartphone. If you don’t have the chatting app like WhatsApp, all are useless as messaging apps are highly used platforms of today’s era.

Back in days, people were fully dependent on the text messages to communicate with friends except the phone calls. But now, you can witness a tremendous revolution of chatting apps in the market. Every day, competitors are launching new chatting apps with exciting features and new functions. So, what do you think would it charge to build an app like WhatsApp and it must have all the mind-blowing facilities an advanced chatting app is offering to its users.

More Than A Messenger

Gone are the days when users were restricted to only sending text messages to each other. There was also a provision to pay for the images, special status and videos via smartphones. Gradually, the era changed and the chatting apps bundled with a lot of striking features that not only allow the users to chat by sharing text, but also express their feelings by choosing suitable emojis and GIFs.

It’s true that today, people want a chat app which is more than a messenger and caters the purpose of sharing images, videos and many other instantly. In this burgeoning competitive phase, the only way to users interaction is by rendering them an ultra-advanced chatting app packed with a bunch of amusing features. Most importantly, you have to launch a chatting app with free messages, calls, and video calls options that the users shouldn’t hesitate of installing it.

Gaining users attention is the key to success of a mobile app. And in this context, you can reap the benefits by developing a single chat app for a variety of mobile devices having different OS. It helps the Android, iOS and Windows smartphones users to conveniently collaborate and connect with each other without hassle.

Transition – Traditional To Modern WhatsApp Clone App

Integration of each chatting app feature requires separate hours, which significantly increase an app cost. The efforts developers put to develop each function and the resources they require are the factors that maximizes the cost of a messaging app.

Living in a modern world, you must have witnessed a huge buzz of social media networks all around. Today, communication has become far beyond instant chatting. Rather, the chatting apps are turning into multimedia sharing platforms, where the users enjoy conversing with the help of images, videos, animations and many other fun activities. Adding such typical features definitely requires more additional hours & efforts that ultimately maximize the development cost of the app.

Sometimes, the feelings can’t be expressed in words. To continue their conversation in a different way, they require emoticons. Really, the emojis play an incredible role in completing the communication. To include the feature, developers again need some more hour, which results in extra cost and effort.

So, have you count the total hours incurred for the development of chatting app like WhatsApp. You can’t ignore any feature from the list. All are important to gain interest and attention of the users.

If we move to current WhatsApp version, you’ll find captivating stickers over there. So, what do you think! Do you want to integrate it into your instant messaging app? Ok then! Be prepared to invest some more penny to your project. But, you can rest be assured that the final app will definitely win the hearts of today’s youth.

Generic Tips About Messaging App Development –

If you’re thinking about developing a similar app like WhatsApp, start counting the hours and calculate the price as per estimated working duration. Further, if you want to add additional functions, you need to add that cost too in your estimation report. Most importantly, creating an app for a single platform costs less but, if the app is intended to solve the purpose of both Android & iOS users, the cost will probably touch the momentum. So, it’s better that you start by listing the features and functions and hire a credible mobile app development company you think can appropriately accomplish your app needs.

Why WhatsApp Become A Hit Messaging App?

By each passing day, WhatsApp introduced so many new features to its users and the best part is that all the features have been widely used & admired across the world. Till now, the most famous chatting app facilitated users with so many features including –

  • One-on-one message
  • Contact list and presence
  • Store & forward (online & offline messages)
  • Group chat – by adding multi-users
  • Message Archive Management
  • Personal Event Protocol (PEP)
  • Easy Blocking & Privacy Settings

Modern WhatsApp is running with all these features and planning to integrate some more features later on. The advanced features clear the facts that if you’re looking to develop a chatting app like WhatsApp, you need to make a huge investment to add these features into it. Else, you won’t be able to get the desired downloads for your app.

Additional Cost Estimation –

Quality assurance and seamless project management are the mandatory factors to be focused during Chatting app development. Taking these factors into account will somehow need some more investment to your app. But, you have to pay for the hours as you can’t overlook these important factors of the app development. Here, you should also be concerned about the maintenance cost that can be adjusted according to work.

Ending Note:

If you finally sum up the hours estimated for each feature, you’ll get an approximate idea of the cost needs to be incurred to develop the chat app like WhatsApp. It would further be better that you launch the app with a captivating name which attracts the users and compels them to download it to communicate with family and friends. WhatsApp is grooming many users’ life with the best in class and flawless chatting functionality. Now, it’s your turn to prove your potential to serve users’ messaging needs with a WhatsApp clone app.

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