How to Automate link-building

Here’s the thing – if you know the importance of Search Engine Optimization and getting people to find your service or products via Google.

You also know the importance of backlinks.

Getting other sites to link with your website is probably the most important aspect of SEO and in this post, we will make it easy for you.

We will share a strategy that has helped us to do this:

How to Automate link-building

Not bad, huh?

And the best thing is – to get backlinks to one of your articles, product pages, or whatever else, takes less than an hour of your time.


It’s simple – you take the backlinks from your competitors.

Step 1: Find Your Competition

To start – you have to find as many competitors as possible.

This is easier than you think. Simply do online searches using the keywords related to your website. The companies you find on Google’s list are your competitors.

You’re going to work with a lot of data. Document all of it from the start. Create spreadsheets and develop a management system.

Step 2: Backlinks are Yours for the Taking

Information relating to backlinks is public knowledge. You can go and find each link manually but there are also tools that make this easy and fast.

And this article – is all about fast and easy.

We will find all the competitor’s URLs using a tool called Linkody.

Backlinks are Yours for the Taking

The best thing is the tool does all the hard work for you:

  1. Connect Google Analytics if you want
  2. The important part is to add your own domain
  3. And competitors’ pages

That’s all!

Within minutes you’ll find all your competitor’s backlinks and their connected websites.

Step 3: Everyone needs a personal touch

When you start using this information to contact websites, you must use a different approach for each website. Enquiring about guest posting is different than discussing testimonials.

Everyone needs a personal touch

In the Linkody tool, you can filter what you want to contact:

  • Blogs
  • Lists
  • Resource pages
  • Testimonials
  • Get them exported as separate CSV files.

Step 4: Filter the good ones

What you want is good backlinks – so filter out the ones with low authority and all the rest:

  • Leave out the sites with DA under 20
  • Avoid links with high Spam Score
  • And the ones with foreign anchor texts or TLDs

Step 5: Contact these sites all together

Next, you will need to use an outreach tool of your liking.

Our favorite is Ninjaoutreach.

This tool is gold – all you need to do is add the links from Linkody and it will:

  1. Find their emails
  2. And help you do the outreach.

It’s like a combination of Mailchimp and

Here’s a more information of how this part of the process works.

Step 7: Sell Yourself

It’s super important to close the deal in one simple email and there are a couple of ingredients that has to be done right:

  • Catch Subject Line – if you go wrong here, no-one will open the email
  • Interesting and fun to read email
  • And easy to spot call-to-action.

Here’s a brilliant guide on how to do cold outreach.

Another thing that’s important is – email’s structure:

  1. Never start with – “Hi, my name is…”, that’s so old,
  2. Open the email with a joke or compliment,
  3. Be straight-forward and explain what you want,
  4. Then introduce yourself – use max 5-10 words, that includes also your name.
  5. What’s in it for them – explain what they will get if they will give you the backlink. This is probably the most important part. Nothing in life is free – so get their attention.

And done – deal’s closed.

Craft a couple of follow-ups just in case they missed your message and the backlinks should flow in.

Final Thoughts

Surprised, right? It’s easier than you think.

The best thing is – Linkody and Ninjaoutreach automate the whole process.

All you have to do is – answer the emails and make sure people follow through.

Happy link-building 😉

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