Top 10 AI-Based On-Demand App Ideas For Startups That Will Make Money in 2021

In 2021, the new app ideas are growing at an exponential rate. This demand has evoked the introduction of new technologies every day. Numerous businesses are looking for lightweight apps. Hence, these apps must be trendy, tech-savvy, and quick.

There are more than five million mobile apps on the app store. It has been noted that the trends of ordinary apps are fading. Hence, we can conclude that the interest for innovative technologies has outgrown. Off lately, on-demand app ideas have gained a lot of prominences. It has been used to meet the demands of modern users.

Artificial Intelligence

This technology has earned its identity because it has ensured the security of essential data. So, this approach has enabled machines to operate as humans.

Artificial Intelligences

Further,  it can also turn into the form of detracting infrastructure. This will lend you to aid the security of the data. Nowadays, AI-based products of cybersecurity have established their role all across the globe. They have been used to detect the accelerating incident, respond to the accelerating incident. It can also identify the factors associated with risks and develop situational awareness.

AI-based devices can make the process of cybersecurity to the next level. It is believed that it will add more value as well as efficiency to the entire process.

Some stats and facts

  1. As per the reports shared by Markets and Markets, the market of AI will grow at an exponential rate. It will grow by $190.61 billion by the year 2025.

Artificial Intelligence

Source: Markets and Markets

    1. South Korea, Japan, and China are the best market for marketing as well as industrial robots.  As per the sources, fintech and security are the major niches where this custom on-demand app development would be implemented.

South Korea

Source: CDN Medium

  1. As per the sources, 75% of enterprises will employ Artificial Intelligence by 2021.
  2. 80% of tech leaders and businesses will boost productivity. Artificial Intelligence can improvise the best opportunities for the business owner.
  3. 95% of owners stated that they are proficient in handling Big Data. This will solve all the problems instantly. It will create a better insight. They confirmed this technology will streamline the business task.
  4. As per Forbes, 84% believe that this technology will enable them to sustain and obtain the best advantage. Artificial Intelligence will assist businesses to stay ahead in the cut-throat market.

1. On-demands apps for the financial sector

On-demand app development for the area of the financial sector is expanding. Even though the steps to develop such apps have been quite complicated.

With the evolution of fintech, technologies such as IoT, AR, ML, VR, etc are implemented more in this niche.

Since this field mainly works on the field of confidentiality and security. AI has the calibre to meet the stipulation. There are numerous options that this technology provides to the investors who are making plans to invest in this technology.

On-demand app development

Source: Business Insider

An on-demand mobile app development company can be the best help for you. They can implement strategies that can make your business/ products/ services a great hit.

2. On-demands apps for delivery of food

Comprehensive technology such as AI has highly influenced the food sector. Start-ups have earned the maximum in 2020. Many businesses have seen a dynamic change. It has captured the imagination of the clients.

The leading businesses in these niches have been underpinned by this technological advancement. It is said that AI as a technology boosted their service. Not only it can help the businesses to display the best options. But also it will display the choicest options related to foods. It will give you a great RoI.

Comprehensive technology

Source: Technavio

Swiggy, Zomato, etc are some of the common examples of this niche.

3. On-demands apps for the retail sector

When we talk about the retail sector, there are numerous operations and functions that must be tackled simultaneously. Proficient on-demand app developers as a technology partner will provide you the best technical edge. They will implement solutions and strategies that can help you move ahead.

It is not just the small brands who are struggling. Various A-brands have used this idea in the area of deep learning, CSV, and predictive analysis.

On-demands apps for the retail sector

Source: PR News Wire

This technology has made things easier for users to search for a specific product/service. Chatbots can allow you to manage digital store traffic. You can implement AI assistance in the store.

4. On-demands apps for the healthcare industry

Can you ever imagine robots replacing human doctors? No doubt, it has paved its way to the corridors of the healthcare industry. Sense.IY, SkinVision, WebMD are some of the common examples of these niches.

On-demands apps for the healthcare industry

Source: Philips

It can help the user to find an experienced and proficient physician. To conclude, it can assist to manage things with ease.

As per the analysis of Accenture, the market of health care employing AI will have explosive growth. It is believed to develop a loop of $150 billion in annual savings.

Note:- It is calculated for the region of the United States. And the time frame they have taken is till 2026.

proficient physician

Source: Accenture

Now, let us understand the basic principle of this app?

A chatbot is developed from the pool of data developed using deep learning and Machine learning. These technologies are employed to gather all the data. This includes remedies, issues, health concerns, treatments, and many more.

This is where AI-based chatbot has a major role play. This technology can receive the information and symptoms of the person. Further, it will direct the patient in the right direction. It will highlight proper treatment in the best way.

Where chatbots have their limitations, they will direct the patient to the concerned doctor.  They will interpret all the data in a manner.

5. On-demands apps for the sectors of journalism

This is the niche where human beings are full of power. We cannot even think about bringing technology into the picture. Nowadays every niche is dependent on this technology. Hence, more groundwork must be done for this specific sector. Numerous aspects should be explored. In this array, everything was handled manually. Right from starting the cameras to editing.

On-demands apps for the sectors of journalism

Source: World Economic Forum

But now thanks to this technology a lot can be automated. Now, this does not mean, AI in this sector will replace the human force. It means everything can be made better and easier.

Artificial Intelligence for checking the plagiarism

This superlative technology has the proficiency to check the data mines. It can also transcribe a few interviews with just taps, articles, etc. If you are from the journalism industry, an AI App development company can build your solutions. These solutions include checking the details and marking the plagiarism.

Artificial Intelligence for reporting the news 

XinXiaomeng did the trials with a male-tested AI-based anchor. It has had some drawbacks but researchers are working on it.

6. On-demands for interior designing

VR and AR playing a major role in interior designing. With AI in the scene, one can style their space. They can check the design in the desired layout and can even check a small piece of wall decors.

It can be managed using a smartphone, one can check their living room, kitchen, etc. The user can see that all in 3D mode.

7. On-demands for content marketing

If you are from the digital marketing sector then you must have a clear idea of AI. Since content plays a major role in telling stories. It is an important aspect of what goes on in the digital space.

Thanks to Android projects, now everything can be made easier. One can mark proper strategies for content marketing.

Some of the common examples of these tools are Title Generator, Hubspot, Predictive Content Analytics, etc.

8. On-demands for roadside assistance for car repairing

Have you ever imagined what it would be like handling a car breakdown in the middle of the night? Maybe you would have already faced it?

In such scenarios, on-demands for roadside assistance for car repairing can be a savior.

Even though these types of mobile apps have complex designs. As the business owners have to develop a platform where the car owners and service providers can come together. Mobile app development can aid you better.

This app will list the service provider’s name, details, phone numbers, etc.

9. On-demands for automated recruitments

There are many recruiters who still drain plenty of hours evaluating every profile. It is again difficult to find the best match for the position.  It is a process of energy-draining and time-consuming.

According to a recent report, AI assistants will replace the workload of the manager.  There have been speculations that the workload will be managed by 69% by 2024. As per Forbes, 85% of organizations will be employing AI to recruit candidates. These include all the major areas which include customer services, IT, development & research.

In a Nutshell!!

The year 2021 is the best time to explore the digital domain. You must ensure to implement AI ideas that are not only engaging but also interesting. To stay ahead it is worth collaborating with a leading android app development company.

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