Best 9 Ways to Improve Your Website Design

One of the greatest difficulties that online organizations face today is keeping up importance according to the web search tools, particularly Google. With Google controlling over 90% of the hunt traffic in the only us, it’s not amazing that the most significant objective of any online advertising technique is to be number one in Google. … Read more

Healthcare Technology Trends Transforming Health Industry

Healthcare Technology Trends Transforming Health Industry

While the healthcare industry has slowly adopted technology, the industry is going to witness significant changes in coming years. Leading companies are redefining themselves with the digital transformation with a focus on a customer-centric approach. The tech-digital health market will reach $206 billion by 2020. We all know how the new technologies in the medical … Read more

IoT Panacea for Oil and Gas

Imagine if we can retrieve information from sensors, assess it in the cloud, transmit and receive the data through machines? The world we are living in right now, would be much streamlined. There has been a rapid growth of the IoT in various sectors among the world. Oil and Gas (O&G) is one of the … Read more

Digital Marketing: Main Elements Of A Successful Marketing Strategy

Source: Pexels According to research, more than 50% of all companies are yet to have a properly laid out digital marketing strategy. This is despite online marketing strategies driving higher returns on investment when compared to traditional marketing. If your company is yet to embrace digital marketing, chances are you are missing out on revenue … Read more

Importance of Managed IT Services in a Business

In today’s highly modern and tech-savvy world, a business organization has to use different IT products and services (such as computer, laptop, firewall, antivirus software, AI-based CRM software, business management software, website, blog, E-commerce website, plugins/Extensions, on-demand apps, VPN, etc,) to advertise the business, attract customers, sell products and services, and sustain in the business. … Read more