5 Incredibly Useful Things to Know About the 5G Network in 2020

5G Network

The 5G network has created quite a buzz in the industry for the past few months. We are likely to reap the benefits of 5G network deployments in the form of faster internet connectivity, unhindered surfing speed, better telecommunication and the likes. According to surveys and market predictions, 40% of the world will be covered by 5G networks. Now, this is huge.

According to Gracy Anderson, Bibliography making expert at MyAssignmentHelp, not only in academics, but the emergence of 5G network will bring an impact on the commercial sectors as well. If we are to consider such statistics, 5G network is truly something to watch out for.

Hold on! Before you proceed to explore the scope and potential of this state-of-the-art network generation, take a look at the five most crucial things about the technology.

Here you go!

  1. 5G phones might not be in your hands immediately 

Yes, I can understand the excitement of getting your hands on a 5G enabled Smartphone. Even I am on the same page. But, that shiny new 5G phone might not be in your possession during 2020. It is said that 5G speed requires a technology called mmWave that operates at extremely high frequency. Since the frequencies would be high, radio signals won’t be transmitted from the towers. I would require multiple mini-towers to restore and ensure a stable connection.

This, as a result, might cause many countries to work on other supplementary technologies to streamline such complications. It might take some time for the additional advancements to be implemented.

  1. 5G phones could actually come for cheap 

You must be planning to save more this year as you cannot wait to buy a 5G enabled Smartphone. There is a common notion that the price of Smartphone devices goes up with advancements brought forth in their network connectivity. But, this could actually not be the scenario for 5G networks. Experts believe that 5G phones would be budget-friendly. For example, the V60 ThinkQ 5G phones by LG is said to keep its price exceptionally low at below $1000.

You all must be crazy for the all hyped and hot seller OnePlus series? Do you what is its expected price for the 5G variant? It is said to be around $8,000. Already excited? So am I. If we are to believe what’s talked about and predicted, thee 5G enabled Smartphones are going to be a real treat for our pockets.

  1. The technology will eventually be everywhere 

Not only that, the 5G network will make its presence felt among Smartphone devices, but it will also be available on other platforms. For instance, the 5G laptop announcement is one of the breakthroughs in this context. It goes without saying; technology is one of those phenomenons that get better with time. So, if an individual can think of implementing 5G technology in cell phones, then he/she will definitely think of expanding its reach and potential across other devices.

From 5G enabled laptops to 5G tablets and a lot more devices, there are a plethora of surprises on the cards. What you have known to date is only the tip of the iceberg.

  1. Relax, 5G is safe and secure for you 

You must be wondering whether using the 5G network on your device will be safe and transparent. Relax, the new generation network connectivity is safe to use. According to surveys and recent market reports, internal panel of experts haven’t found any solid evidence or hints of 5G connectivity posing any risk in terms of radiation and other issues.

Published on The Guardian magazine, International Commission on Non‐Ionizing Radiation Protection (ICNIRP) has called for new guidelines for the mmWave 5G technology. This clearly indicates that all renowned radiation and health hazard projection bodies are doing their bit to launch and streamline the 5G network across the world in the safest manner.

  1. 5G might be the worthy competitor of cable internet 

We all must have gone through the phase where internet speed of our mobile network provider failed to impress us. There is why most of us still look for broadband services or other connectivity via cable internet. With 5G rolling out soon, it is said to have the potential of being the worthy competitor of cable internet.

As 5G promises for faster speed, technical lags and issues related to the internet connection of mobile networks is expected to be resolved. Reportedly, the 5G network is designed to tread beyond mobile devices, laptops and tablets.

Apparently, there will be something called “fixed wireless” which will apply to our everyday internet connection at home and office. There are plans that the 5G advancement will also serve the suburban and rural areas with stable, ultra-high-speed broadband connection.

To end with, 

So, it seems that the next generation internet is almost knocking on the door. If not in 2020, the technology is definitely going to be accessible to the world within the next couple of years. Keep visiting this space for more of such announcements and detailed knowledge on the 5G network progression. I’ll keep you posted!


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