6 Best App to Lock Your Chat in Android

We tend to share so much information on our chats, some of which you might not be able to share with everyone. Have you ever felt someone trying to pry into your private chats when your phone is not in your hands? Sounds like a very common scenario. But, with several apps being dedicated to … Read more

SMS Marketing Blunders that You Must Not Overlook If You Want Your Business to Gain a Competitive Edge

SMS Marketing Blunders that You Must Not Overlook If You Want Your Business to Gain a Competitive Edge

You simply cannot deny the effectiveness and popularity of SMS marketing campaigns for businesses and brands today in 2019. We understand that texting boasts of having the maximum engagement rate as compared to any other marketing medium at 82 percent open rates. Moreover, the best thing about text messages is that 90 percent of these … Read more

Top 9 Technology Trends of 2019

Technology is the heart of the future and it covers the most important parameters in all aspects of an organization or individual’s life in the current days. New technologies offer new challenges and that increase the experience of the organization by offering strength. Here are the top 9 technologies that are high in trends of … Read more

Manufacturing Tech Trends of the 2020s

As of June 2019 according to Internet World Stats, 57.3% of the population in the whole world have been utilizing the internet, which entirely explains why many industries have been progressing in terms of their technology arsenal for the past recent years. The manufacturing industry, in particular, has been banking in on the power of … Read more

Google Lighthouse: A Powerful Tool For SEO Audits In E-commerce

What is the ‘Google ability’ of your website? Going the other way around, how do you measure your e-Commerce website’s visibility and search engine friendliness? The sudden shifts in Google Algorithm often leave SEO professionals perplexed. However, the introduction of each algorithm tweak brings e-commerce marketers one step closer to the more accurate search results. … Read more