Top 10 Online B2b Portals in World In 2021

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5 Smarter Strategies to Tackle Manufacturing Challenges in Post-Pandemic World

The COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the functioning of manufacturing companies globally. They have been facing numerous issues — such as risk management, workforce protection, contingency planning, and other challenges — simultaneously. Companies are building quick-response teams to solve problems that require immediate attention and understand the changing needs of their employees, customers, and laborers. Organizations … Read more

How Augmented Reality Is Improving Drivers’ Safety And Ride Quality Over The Time

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Know All About The Basic Cryptographic Techniques

Cryptography is the art of using cryptic messages to protect and secure data in communications. The word is a derivative of the ancient Greek word kryptos, meaning hidden or secret, and graphein, meaning to study. With the advent of information technology and the unmitigated expansion of data communications, information security is critical today. Modern cryptography … Read more

How to Measure The Success Rate Of Your E-Commerce Website?

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Master Mobile Security With These Expert Tips

Image from Internet usage has increased substantially as data indicates that 4.7 billion or 62% of the world’s population use the internet.  For a lot of us, mobile phones have become a central part of our lives and this has been facilitated by a change in our technology landscape.  Can you imagine there was … Read more