How to Stop Underage Smoking? Can Technology Help Us Out?

How to Stop Underage Smoking

Do you know more than 3 thousand teenagers light up their first cigarette every single day? The underage smoking has become the biggest concern in several regions of the world. From heart and lung diseases to skin diseases and cancer, there are numerous health concerns associated with cigarette smoking. The smokers usually have plenty of … Read more

Top Steps to Effective Anti-Money Laundering Training


Anti-Money Laundering (AML) training is a necessary component of many businesses today, due to international laws requiring the prevention of money laundering and terrorist funding. AML training allows employees to understand the current laws, their part in upholding them, and the best actions to take if they identify a problem. AML training is best administered … Read more

8 Most Useful Designer Plugins for the Novice WordPress Users


This is not a secret anymore that WordPress is the most versatile and convenient web developing platform in the market right now. However, there is not enough information about the designer plugins that can be useful to the novice WordPress designers or the beginners who want to design a website on their own. If you … Read more

How to start a business blog with a limited budget

How to start a business blog with a limited budget

Source Blog management’s an effective way of helping brands spread positive word of mouth, create buzz online and improve overall customer experience. An important and inexpensive trait of the free CRM pipeline templateis the creation and management of blogs to convert leads into loyal customers. Consulting businesses help create blogs and build a website for … Read more